UGC Validated Two Years Degree Course – A Report

University Grants Commission has given a great relief to those thousands to students who had done Two Year Degree Course and were considered ineligible in jobs and further education.

UGC Validated Two Years Degree CourseThis relief has been provided to those students who had completed their Graduation before 1986 and had been fighting for the justice for the last three decades. Now the issue has been resolved amicably and their 2 years’ degree shall be treated equal to that of 3 years and now they shall get the equal chances as far as the promotions in the jobs is concerned and other matters if they wish to avail it.

It is note-worthy that before 1986, there were a few universities which would offer 2 year degree course. But as per 1985 Act, only those degrees were valid which had the period of three years.

Therefore these 1986 batch candidates with 2 years degree were deprived of govt jobs and other opportunities. They had to do some bridge course or some additional courses in order to be eligible for the govt jobs.

These candidates were also not considered eligible for the Master Degree. Some universities like KUK had also started One sitting Degree for the drops out. The candidates with three years’ gap could have done graduation with in one year.

Now it is well said “ All’s well that ends well.” Though most of these candidates will not be affected by this decision as they are over-aged or are now settled in other businesses or jobs, this is a welcome news for all them.

At least, a very few percentage who are still unemployed and wish to do something can try their luck now. But things are not easy now. Long gaps, new syllabus in PG Courses and ageing factor may multiply to resist them from moving ahead. Still, there is hope against hope if there is determination and passion for doing something.

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