UP School will follow Convent School Pattern – Brief News

In order to ameliorate the education system to great level, UP Govt is going to follow the pattern of Convent Schools. For that, the schools will organize various types of Educational Programmes. Including that they will also organize different competitions for their mental development. To check the carelessness of the teachers, the govt is mulling to install CCTV/ Bio-metric cameras at various locations in the schools.

In convent schools, there are myriad activities from Assembly to School is off. During the assembly, students are made to read newspapers daily so that they may be familiar with the important information of the state and the country. Besides, the students get the knowledge of the life of the great people of the country/ world. For all-round development, there are competitions on jokes, songs, dances, speeches, dances etc.

In Science, the students will be motivated to make modals, discussions. There shall be two PTMs twice year – first Sundays of January and May. The parents will be able to give suggestions.

In addition, students learn a lot of things in convent schools. Now, the UP govt schools are going to follow these steps in order to attract more and more students. For expenditures, the schools will use their private funds.

For that, Sr Secondary Board has sent the directions to all the schools to install CCTV and Bio-metric cameras within 15 days.

In addition to these activities, the schools will look after for the proper sanitation. The board will take the report whether there has been some progress has been or not.

The schools will also bring out Annual magazines including jokes, poems etc by students and teachers.

UP Board  New Education Session of 2018-2019

The New Education Session for UP Board will commence from 1st of July 2018. The reason for the delay is late in the board exams and Legislative Election, told the official. Consequently, the education session for 2018-2019 will be for 9 months.

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