Will CBSE hold 10th 12th Exams in Feb 2018 ? – Latest News

CBSE 10th and 12th New Exam Dates for 2017-2018 – Check Updates/ News

This news of advancing the CBSE Annual Board Exams for 10th and 12th has caused anxiety to millions of students across the country. As per some the exams may take place in mid Feb 2018. This schedule is over month earlier than the previous one. So far, the exams occur in the month of March every year.

However, the CBSE concerned officials have come out with explanations over the issue. According to them, this is just a proposal so far. It shall be implemented only after taking the views of all the stakeholders into consideration. The concerned stakeholders shall be able to give their free opinions on the issue. These stakeholders include the schools, intellectuals etc.

Reason behind this step for advancing the Board exams –

Everybody knows that this year CBSE 12th Result was the part of big controversy owing to anomalies in evaluation work. As a result, the board had also set up two panels to solve out the issue. So in order to ensure the quality evaluation from this session ( 2017-2018), the board is mulling to conduct Secondary/ Sr Secondary exam earlier. This will provide more time to paper checkers to mark the papers and hence less chances for any mistakes.

What do the students say ? – Effect of Teaching and Learning

This news has enhanced the anxiety level of the students. One month has been deducted from the preparation time. Now they will have to complete their syllabus hurriedly and then start preparation. This will certainly affect the quality of teaching and learning. As usual, the teachers’ attention shall also be on completing the syllabus as early as possible. So other co-curricular activity shall take the back seat for a while.

However, from the next session ( 2018-2019), things shall be better. The new-session shall start earlier and the students and the teachers shall get the same time for preparation as they get this time.

Teachers are also of the view that the board must take everybody in confidence regarding the change in 10th and 12th exam schedule 2017-2018.

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