Rajasthan Gram Sevak Answer key 2016 with RSMSSB Solution, Cut Off

RSMSSB has conducted the Gram Sevak 18th December 2016 Written Exam successfully. Now the examinees must be curious to figure out their exam performance. WE are trying to solve questions. So check your answers from the Rajasthan Unofficial Answer key below.

The test had taken place more than Four Thousand and Eight Hundred + posts for which approx 4.5 lac aspirants had tried their luck.

The Recruitment Notification had come out a few months back. It was the drive to sort out the competent candidates to serve as Gram sevak ( Village Servants). So this exam shall play an important role in the selection of the candidates. Now get ready to check your responses from the answer key below –

NoteIf our viewers find any wrong answer below, they must write to us. We shall correct our answers. Please share some more questions and answers for the benefit of other students.

RSMSSB Rajasthan Gram Sevak Answer key with Complete Solution and Expected Cut Off Marks –

Q. Fastest memory in computer ….

Answer – Cache

Q. Which key of the key board we can use to cancel the programme ?

Answer – Esc Key

Q. What does Multimedia contain ?

Answer – Audio and Video both

Q. What is the full form of DNS ?

Answer – Domain Name System

Q. What is 1 kilobyte equal to ?

Answer – 1024 bits

Rajasthan Gram Sevak Unoficial/ Unofficial Solution / Cut Off Marks

Q. Fill in the blanks with proper tense

Answer – When I opened the door, I saw a man on his knees. He had been listening to our conversation and I wondered how much he had heard.

Q. Full form of ISDN ?

Answer – Integrated Services Digital Network

Q. In which unit do we measure the speed of Modem ?

Answer – BPS ( Bits per Second)

Q. What is 1 Nibble equal to ?

Answer – 4 bit

Q. What is the highest capacity of storage ?

Answer –

Q. Antonym of Misanthropist ?

Answer – Philanthropist

Q. Fear of Confined Spaces – Claustrophobia

A person who has an irresistible desire to steal something – Kleptomaniac

Q. Not matching properly – Article 156 – Qualifications for the appointment as Governor

Q. Council of Ministers of State is accountable to ….

Answer – State Legislative Assembly

Q. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee is related to –

Answer – Panchayati Raj Institutions

Q. Panchayati Raj is a system of …

Answer – Local Self Governance

Q. 73rd Amendment regarding Panchayats ….

Answer – 243 to 243-O

Q. Untrue about State Legislative Assembly –

Answer – It is Chaired by the Chief Minister

To be continued …….

Gram Sevak Expected Cut Off Marks – 

For the expected cut off score, the candidates must wait a bit. We also urge the candidates to share/discuss their marks with us so that we may prepare category-wise cut off ( expected).

Later we shall connect this page with the direct link of RSMSSB Official Answer key/ Result and Cut Off Marks. For your opinion use the comment box below. We shall immediately respond to your query/ question.

For more questions keep coming. We shall update the post with more answers soon.

Updated: December 19, 2016 — 4:30 pm

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