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It is successfully proved that age has no barrier in climbing the ladders of success. Will power and interest matter a lot. Besides that a person should have big and dreams and knowledge of the way using which they can fulfill these dreams. They become the great motivators for their successors. We suggest all the students to read such inspirational stories to move ahead.

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This story will consolidate this point. It takes four years to complete B.Tech. But Nirbhay Thakur has finished this degree in just one year and that also at the age of 15. This achievement of his has surprised the people and those who are not able to complete it even in the due time.

It is for the first time in the history of JTU. This is the least age that somebody has accomplished this degree. The name of the institute is SAL Institute of Technology and Engineering Research from where this guy has done it in Electric Engineering. The CGPA he obtained is 8.23%.

Nirbhay also shared his strategy and duration for studies to clear this finishing line. According to him, he wouldn’t get much time for preparation. There was semester after semester that took 40 to 50 days as an average and after that he had to face the exam. To take the exam, he had to study at least 6 hours a day.

Schedule of B.Tech –

The boy had got himself scheduled for B.Tech in 2016 and he cleared it in Oct 2017. Viewing his achievement, a large no. of IITs are offering him to pursue PHD. Nirbhay had got the permission to finish this degree of B.Tech before time from Human Resources and Development Ministry, concerned state govt and GTU. His future plan is to do research on various subjects. Besides he is working with IIT Gandhinagar on some project.

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