AFCAT General Knowledge Practice Set/ Paper with Answers

After publishing paper on AFCAT English, we are making an endeavor for AFCAT GK (2015). There shall be around 20  questions of General Knowledge in Air Force Common Admission Test. Thousands of students vie with each every year to take admission to various courses on the basis of AFCAT.

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So competition is tough. However, Preparation strategy combined with hard work can cause miracle. So get ready to check some of the Questions on GK for AFCAT 2016-17.

Q. 1. When did M.K Gandhi leave South Africa to return to India ?

Q. 2. When Simon Commission came to India, who was the Viceroy that time ?

Q. 3. What is the Think Tank of Indian Govt that replaced erstwhile Planning Commission on Jan 1st 2015 ?

Q. 4. To which field was Todar Mal associated in Akbar’s Court ?

Q. 5. Name the city that will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games ?

AFCAT General Knowledge/ Current Affairs Questions –

Q. 6. How many days does the moon take to revolve around the earth ?

Q. 7. Who had discovered natural radioactivity ?

Q. 8. How much nuclear payload can recently tested Agni V carry ?

Q. 9. Which country celebrates its independence on 4th of February ?

Q. 10. Who won Dada Saheb Phalke Award for the year 2014 ?

Q. 11. For what did Sir C.V. Raman get Nobel Prize ?

Q. 12. Name the Innovative Council that was proposed in the Rail Budget 2015 to promote Innovation ?

Q. 13. Name the atmospheric layer in which communication satellites are located ?

Q. 14. Who is the present chairman of ISRO ?

Q. 15. What is the Russian name of INS Vikramaaditya ?

Answers – 1. In July 1914 2. Lord Irwin 3. NITI Aayog 4. Finance ( Todar Mal was the finance minister of the Mughal Empire and also one of the Navaratnas of Akbar) 5. Durban South Africa from 18th of July to 31st of July 2022 6. 27 1/3 days

7. Henry Bacquerel 8. 1500 kg 9. Sri Lanka 10. Shashi Kapoor 11. Scattering ( radiation ) 12. Kayakalp 13. Exosphere 14. A.S. Kiran Kumar 15. Admiral Groshkov

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