AFCAT English Paper/ Practice Set with Solution – Read Tips

Air Force Common Admission Test ( AFCAT) takes place every year. The aspirants leave no stone unturned to clear it. The Test contained English, GK, Math, and Reasoning. In this test, we are providing your AFCAT English Paper for 2015. This Practice Paper shall help you in evaluating your exam preparation.

AFCAT English Practice Paper / Set

Note – WE shall not provide you options unless it is necessary for us to give.

Q – 1 to 4

Give the meaning of the following idioms –

1. A fool’s errand

2. To flog a dead horse

3. The alpha and the omega

4. A bull in the China shop

Q. 5 to 8

Choose the answers that best defines the given phrases –

5. To hold something in the leash

6. To talk through one’s hat

7. Throw up the sponge

8. Get into hot waters

Q. From 9 to 12

Choose the word nearest in the meaning to the given word –

9. Anathema

10. Debilitate

11. Penchant

12. Nebulous

Q. 13 to 16

Give the antonym of the following words –

13. Insolent

14. Skeptic

15. Refractory

16. Harmonious

Q. 17 to 22

Air Force Common Admission Test English Paper

Fill in the blanks from the most appropriate option ahead –

Life is an ——-17——–series of challenges and opportunities to be grabbed. You need to plan for exercising the right career choices and ——18——the right opportunities. Planned —–19—–rather than a hasty decision is —-20——as far as your career is concerned. You need to ——21——-what occupational groups, ——-22——–and type of organizations are suitable for you.

17. a. exciting b. enticing c. enhancing d. encroaching

18. a. offsetting b. catching c. grabbing d. rejecting

19. a. hindrance b. delay c. application d. execution

20. a. desirable b. deciphered c. inevitable d. acceptable

21. a. classify b. check c. divide d. analyze

22. a. specifications b. imitations c. qualifications d. identification

Answers – 1. An impossible task 2. To waste one’s effort 3. the beginning and the end 4. A rough and clumsy person at a place where skill and care are necessary 5. to restrain 6. to talk nonsense 7. To yield/ surrender 8. To get into trouble 9. curse 10. Weaken 11. liking 12. Vague 13. Affable 14. Believer 15. Manageable 16. Acrimonious 17. a 18. c 19. d 20. a 21. b 22. a

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Tips for AFCAT English –

Most of the portion is from vocabulary. So more focus must be on Vocabulary such as Synonyms/ antonyms, Idioms and Phrases. There shall also be one Passage with a string of questions that follow. For that read English Newspapers and books. Always remember that Practice makes a man perfect. Believe in yourself and your resources. Best of luck.

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