Bharat Sanchar Seva ( Services ) GK Question Paper with Answer Key

Bharat Sanchar Seva ( Services ) is constantly busy in recruitment related process. There are various posts for Officers, Field Officers, Clerks, Security Officers, Supervisors, Computer Operators etc. For the final selection, written test is one of the components.

Therefore, the aspirants need to be the part of continuous preparation. That’s why we are preparing a Question Paper carrying GK Questions regarding Bharat Sanchar Services. These questions also appear in other departments’ exams like SSC, Banking besides Post Office Dept.

Along with the questions, you shall also check their answers here.

Bharat Sanchar Seva ( Services ) General Knowledge Questions –

Q. Name the country with highest no of Post Offices ?

Answer – India

Q. How many post offices are there in India ?

Answer – 1.5 lac

Q. What % of total post offices in India is in rural areas ?

Answer – 89%

Q. When did Public Post Service begin in India ?

Answer – In 1837

Q. When did the present Post Office come in to being ?

Answer – On Oct 1854

Q. Under which Governor General’s rule, was the first Postal Stamp released ?

Answer – Lord Dalhousie

Q. The first Postal Stamp published in India in …

Answer – In 1854

Indian Post Services ( Bharat Sanchar Seva ) Question Paper with Solution

Q. When did Post Office Saving Scheme come in being ?

Answer – In 1885

Q. When did Pin Code System begin in India ?

Answer – In 1972

Q. When did Speed Post Service begin in India ?

Answer – In 1986

Q. Telecom Mission came in to being in India ?

Answer – 1st April 1986

Q. Year of establishment of BSNL ?

Answer – In 1988

Q. Money order service started in India on …

Answer – 14th Jan 1995

Q. How many Pin Code Zones are there in India ?

Answer – Nine

Q. What is Green Channel ?

Answer – Post Service for local posts

Q. What is the total no in Postal Index ?

Answer – Six

Q. When did STD service begin in India ?

Answer – In 1960

Q. Between which two cities did STD service begin ?

Answer – Lucknow and Kanpur

Q. What is the full form of APO ?

Answer – Army Post Office

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