CAA – Questions related with Citizenship Amendment Act

These days CAA  ( Citizenship Amendment Act  ) is in the news for various purposes. It is deriving a lot of criticism and favor from different communities. Even there is the division in the views of the leaders of different political parties. Here you can find some questions with their answers to quench your thirst of knowledge.

Questions related with Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA ) with solution –

Q.  Which place is in the news for the agitation against CAA bill ?

Answer – Shaheen Bagh ( Delhi )

Q. Which community has been ignored in the bill ?

Answer – Muslim Community

Q. When did the bill CAA come in to effect ?

Answer – From – 10th of January 2020

Q. When did the Indian Loksabha pass this bill ?

Answer – On 10th Dec 2019

Q. Who had introduced the CAA bill ?

Answer – Sh. Amit Shah ( Minister of Home Affairs )

Citizenship Amendment Act ( CAA )

Q. When did the CAA pass in India ?

Answer – In 1955

Q. When was the Citizenship Bill first amended ?

Answer – In 1985

Q. Who was the Prime Minister of India that time ?

Answer – Mr. Rajiv Gandhi

Q. From which country does the county have the most illegal migrants ?

Answer – From Bangladesh

Note :- As per the data released by Task Force on Border Task Force, the number was around 15 million ( one crore 50 lakh ) in 2001

Q. With whom is the phrase ” natural home ” related ?

Answer – The persecuted Hindus from the neighborhood countries

Q. When did the BJP first introduce this bill ?

Answer – In 2016

Q. What is the Cut Off date for citizenship in India ?

Answer – Dec 31, 2014

Q. On whose order was NRC identified in Assam ?

Answer – Supreme Court’s Order

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