Haryana Government New School Teacher Transfer Policy 2015

Haryana Government New School Teacher Transfer Policy 2015In order to ensure proper functioning of education system and quality in education in Haryana, the Govt has taken a monumental step by carving a new Education Policy for the Haryana Teachers. As per this policy the teachers who have been teaching at one place for more than 5 years shall be transferred immediately. If the teachers don't take the transfer after this period, their posts shall be considered vacant. This policy shall be applicable to 1,25,000 Govt Teachers working in Haryana.

Strict Action shall be taken against those teachers who would reach the concerned authority for getting their Transfer Cancelled. To make this law more effective the Haryana Education Department has invited suggestions from the teachers as well.

As per this new Ruling, the candidates who are less than 50 will not be considered eligible for working in the Girls' Schools. Only 50+ Teachers shall be appointed in the Girls' schools. This measure has been taken to minimize the incidents related with Girls, molestation in the schools.

Exemption in the Policy

  1. This new Transfer Policy will not be applicable to the teachers working in Mewat.
  2. The unmarried female staff shall be allowed to take transfer as per her new in-laws venue.

After once transferred, the teachers shall not be allowed to to get his working place changed for 10 years.

He/she will have to work in the same place for this period of 10 years.

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There shall not be more than 50% staff in any other school rather than Girls' school.

How to apply for the Transfer as per this new Transfer Policy ?

  • First of all you must reach the official website of the department.
  • Here in the New Transfer Policy Section, search for the Transfer Policy Application Form.
  • Fill the application properly.
  • The govt will take some to time to grant permission to your Optional Centre.
  • The Computer will automatically update itself with your New Destination.

You can get your Application Form from here.

Read details regarding Haryana Govt Transfer Policy and downloading Application Forms as well.

There is the mixed response to this policy. But on the whole it is believed that this new policy shall benefit both the teachers and the taught. It will certainly ameliorate the deteriorating condition of the teaching in the state.


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