HBSE HTET Updates/ Details 2022 – Answer Key/ Solution

Check Haryana Board of School Education ( HBSE/ BSEH ) HTET 2022 – Read the details/ news  regarding HBSE HTET – Important/ Useful links for all  the examinees –

BSEH had taken the exams of HTET on Dec. 3rd and Dec. 4th 2022. It consisted exams of HTET Level 1, 2 and Level 3. The candidates can lodge their objection regarding HTET Answer Key from Dec. 05 to Dec. 07. The candidates can file their objection by visiting official website. For that, they have to pay Rs. 1000 for per answer. The fee regarding objection must be paid online.

The experts will study the obtained objections. The HTET final Answer Key will be out  on this bases. Near about three lakhs candidates had got them registered for HTET 2022. Near about two lakh eight thousand candidates were females whereas eighty seven thousand six hundred eighty were male candidates. There were approximately one thousand forty five exam centres across Haryana.

How to see HTET related information 2022 ?

The candidates must visit the official website bseh.org.in for Answer Key, Result etc.. Here they will get each and every information regarding HBSE HTET. HTET level 1 will comprise PRT/ JBT, level 2 – TGT and level 3 – PGT. There was no negative marking.

Some question of English with their answers –

Q. a. Who can say what will turn up next ?

Answer – Happen.

Q. b. She does not resemble to either of her parents ?

Answer – She does not resemble either of her parents.

Q. c. When I first ———- ( come ) to this house, it ———- ( be ) a very quiet area.

Answer – When I first came to this house, it was a very quiet area.

Q. d. Peter ———— ( try ) to come in quietly but his mother ———– ( hear ) him.

Answer – Peter tried to come in quietly bit his mother heard him.

Q. e. Change the Voice

1 . Bees make honey.

Answer – Honey is made by bees.

2. Somebody has put out the light.

Answer – The light has been put out.

Q. f. Correct Preposition –

I shall do it ——– pleasure.

Answer – with

Q. g. Former students of a school or college –

Answer – Alumni.

Q. h. Narration

” I’m taking the children to the Zoo tomorrow.” she said.

Answer – She said that she was taking the children to the Zoo the next day.

Q. i. Synonym


Answer – Talented

Q. j. Preposition

He has not yet recovered ———– his illness.

Answer – from

Q. k. A lion’s share ———-.

Answer – major share

Q. l Conjunction

I shall not go ———– I am invited.

Answer – Unless

Q. m. Narration –

” Who has been using my typewriter ?” said mother.

Answer – Mother asked who had been using her typewriter.

Q. n. When Monisha reached the bus stand, the bus ———-.

Answer – had already left.

Q. o. He has committed a blunder/ mistake today morning.

Answer – He has committed a blunder today morning.

Q. p. Correct form of Verb

Neither you nor she ———— made the mistake.

Answer – has

Q. q. Correct Modal

Passengers ——— not walk across the railway lien ( prohibition ).

Answer – must

Q. r. Mr. Sudhir Soni is ——– RAS officer.

Answer – an

Q. s. Active and Passive voice –

Did he kill a lion ?

Answer – Was a lion killed by him ?

Q.t. Let us stay here, while it —————.

Answer – is raining.

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