How to earn through Online Writing ? – Check Options/Tips

Read how to earn through Online Writings ? – Options/Tips

Now most of the youngsters spend their day time and in most of the cases night time with Internet. It has become a constant source of information, entertainment and earning for billions of people across the world. And there are millions of users who keep searching the ways of earning money using internet.

This is called Online Income. With a bit of search and research,  you can find some Online Source from where you can earn handsome money. If you have flair for writing and done a lot of offline writing without getting any money, here are your chances for getting some bucks through online writing. Check the following Options given below and choose one for you.

Blogging –

If you are interested in writing articles on some particular subjects, if you have a particular area of interest and if you think that you are master at using vocab to convince others and bring home to your viewpoint, you must try blogging. Make a platform either at or WordPress and start writing.

When you start having considerable traffic, apply for Ads Related agencies such as Google Ad sense, Infolink and others. Start generating handsome revenue for you. I am also doing the same thing right now.

Learn Writing Tips from here.

Writing Novels and Poetry –

If you love to write longer version both in fiction and poetry and the publishers have either refused or demanded money to publish your work and you want another platform to get your work published and make some income, internet is another hope for you.

Earning through Online Writing ? – Tips/Options

There are many websites which invite writing stuff from the blooming writers and publish their work which is read by a large no of Netizens and that also pay you handsome income. Such websites are – Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, WeBook, Barnes and Noble’s Lulu, Blurs etc. These websites offer you platform where you can upload your material free of cost. You will get a large no of online readers for your e-books and may be you can become star overnight.

Write Articles for others –

There are many websites which hire writers for writing articles for them. These are Freelance Websites such as Guru, Elance. Here you are told to write an article for Five to Six hundred words for which they pay you $ 5 to 10 depending upon the content you have produced.

For each and every article there is bidding. But before that you will have to signup yourself at the desired page by giving each and every details regarding yourself and areas of specialization.  With the passage of time your income starts increasing.

Writing of Reviews –

If you can analyse and have the power of reasoning and love to give your reviews, there is the opportunity for you. Reviews on the products affect the sale of the products. The Customers purchase products after reading the reviews related with those products.

Even the movie-goers love to read the reviews of the movies before spending money in the theaters. Even I myself before viewing any of the movies love to read reviews of the concerned movie. After all I will have to pay a big amount on purchasing movie tickets.

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