Important Points about 2018 Budgets - Useful Questions for Exams

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today presented the Union Budget for 2018-19. We are presenting some very important facts in the form of Questions and Answers. We hope these questions may be very useful for the upcoming exams for the candidates.

2018-19 Budget Important Questions -

Q. For whom the govt has made PAN mandatory in transactions?

Answer - Rs 2.5 lakh or more

Q. How many people will the Health Scheme for poor cover ?

Answer - 10 crore poor families

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Q. What shall be used as Unique Entity No. for Non-individuals from April 1st ?

Answer - PAN

Q. What is the increment in the Health and Education Cess ?

Answer - 4 %

Q. What are the emoluments for the President of India, Vice President and Governors?

Answer - 5 Lakh, 4 Lakh, 3.5 Lakh respectively

Q. How many WiFi Hotspots will be set up in rural areas for free access of internet ?

Answer - 5 Lakh

Q. What is the target to hike airport capacity ?

Answer - To handle 1 billion trips every year.

Q. How much money has Mumbai received in this budget ?

Answer - Rs 40,000 crore

Q. What is the capital expenditure for Indian Railways for 2018-2019 ?

Answer - Rs. 1,48,528

Q. How much money will the govt contribute in the EPF contribution for new employees in all sectors ?

Answer - 12 Percent

Q. What is the target of landing under PM Mudra Yojana ?

Answer - 3 Lakh crore

Q. How many bank accounts will be brought under the Jan Dhan Yojana ?

Answer -  60 crore bank accounts

Q. For whom will the govt set up Eklavya schools ?

Answer- ST Population

Q. Scheme to set up Specialized Railway University ?

Answer - Vadodara

Q. Which year the has the govt fixed to provide homes to all Indians ?

Answer - 2022

Q. Under Ujjawal Scheme, to how many women govt will provide Free LPG connections ?

Answer - 8 crore rural women

Q. How much money is proposed for Operation Green ?

Answer - Rs 500 Crore

We shall add some more questions related with Budget 2018-2019. Keep coming. Thanks.

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