To Teach English to School Children in UP is just Formality

The Uttar Pradesh Govt had made efforts to make the students learn English in the Govt Schools in UP. The students had to be taught via 65 episodes. However, a few schools are following this rule. This scheme of teaching English using Radio is in the ditch, thanks to non-responsibility of the teachers. It seems that the teachers are not interested.

The govt had allotted radios for the purpose. Now these radios have become show-pieces in the schools. You can find dust on them in either at schools or at homes of some teachers.

The UP govt wanted to create awareness among the children about the students, especially the girls of Middle and Kasturba Residential schools. Even the education board had started the programme under the title called ” Aao English Seekhen Radio Programme“. Besides the govt had prepared the time table for this programme. There was extreme curiosity among the students regarding this programme. The schedule of the programme was –

90 episodes from 17th July to 26th of February. The timing of the programme was from 10:45 am to 11 am. Each episode contained interesting information about the English Language. The UP govt had to start this English Learning Programme in 100 schools. But, most of them are not following this direction.

The department says that it had provided radios to all the schools. But, a Principal of one of these schools says that there was the direction to purchase radio, however, the govt has not allocated any money for the purpose. In the beginning, some schools followed the rules. They aired the programmes on radios for the children. However, later the officials showed apathy towards the programmes. Consequently, the programme has become quite unsuccessful. This result has also demotivated the students and some good teachers.

Everybody knows that Listening Programmes in English is very useful for the students.
In this way, they not only get the better understanding of the sound but some good tips as well.

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