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Summer vacation is very pleasant for very young kids. Actually they visit their maternal uncles/ aunts. It is they who play with their toys, watching cartoons. It is they who are more excited to go to the picnics with their parents. Only these children enjoy swings in the parks.

But for their older counterparts, vacation is just not going to the institutions. For them, vacation means talking to their friends on cell phones and only sleeping. Just passing days in memories.

It means only the children know the real meaning of the vacation. But the irony is that their moms are strictly after them to make them cover their school homework. These tiny kids feel phobia once again out the school during their favorite phase of their life.

In vacation, work, work and work. Moms are after them, elder brothers and sisters are after them, tuition teachers are after them for completing their homework. Blackmail strategy is also used such as we will not take you to the park, no chocolates, no video games if they don’t do their home work.

Irony is that in vacation, they get more work than usual days. Moms become more strict than their class teachers. These tiny tits face great strain for some time during the finest phase of their life.

As a result, the Central Govt is mulling to ward this burden of homework off the children’ mind. Now the schools will not be able to give homework to the students of 1st and 2nd classes.

HRD Minister Prakash Javedkar said that the govt may bring this ordinance in the upcoming Monsoon Session. The govt had to taken this decision keeping in mind the 30th May Madras High Court’a interim order against this practice. Now the govt says that the students of classes 1st and 2nd will enjoy their vacation without homework.

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The minister said that the children can’t learn in this boring way saying that he welcomed the order of the court.

The govt is studying the verdict of the court and bring the ordinance under Free and Compulsory 2009 Right Ordinance. The court had made a statement before giving the verdict that the children are not weightlifter or container. According to the court, it is the duty of each state govt to ensure that the weight of the bag must not exceed 10% of the complete weight of a child.

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