PSTET ( Punjab TET) Question Paper with Complete Answer Key

Punjab State Teachers Eligibility Test ( PSTET) like other eligibility test takes place every year. The paper carries 150 Multiple Choice Questions. The duration of the exam is 150 Minutes. It is just a qualifying exam where the aspirants need to score only 60% marks i.e. 90 Marks. PSTET is compulsory for those who see their career as teachers in Primary and Upper Primary Schools in Punjab.

Hence, preparation is must. And to check the level of the preparation, the candidates need a question paper with complete solution. Here we are providing you the complete Question Paper for PSTET. Hope you will get benefit from it.

The Paper consists 20 Questions with Solution/ Answer Key at the end it –

Q. 1 While writing  a notice, the writer should prefer….

i. active voice ii. passive voice iii. any of the voices iv. none of these

Q. 2. Phonetics has the link with …

i. sounds ii. sentences iii. grammar iii. all of these

Q. 3. Objective of remedial teaching is …..

i. to fill the gap that creeps into a pupil’s learning

ii. rectifies the concepts which have been misunderstood

iii. helps in retaining homogeneity in the class

iv . all of these

Q. 4. Which process is language learning ?

i. fast ii. gradual iii. instant iv all inclusive

Q. 5. What is Register ?

i. variety of language according to region in a particular country

ii. variety of language according to countries

iii. any of those

iv. none

Q. 6. What is the place of /m/ in the word ‘make’ ?

i. labio-dental ii. dental iii. bilabial iii. alveolar

Q. 7. Which of the following organs of speech known as Velum ?

i. hard palate ii. voice box iii. alveolar ridge iv. soft palate

Q. 8. The major difference between an article and speech is ….

i. speech is formal ii. speech is more informal iii. speech is more descriptive iv. all of these

Q. 9. Word nearest in the meaning to – Remorse

i. obdurate ii. hard iii. penitent iv. none of these

PSTET Question Paper with Answer Key

Q. 10. Antonym of ‘ Insipid’ –

i. impalatable ii. bland iii. tame iv savory

Q. 11 Passive voice of : Obey me.

Q. 12. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition –

She lives ……….Mumbai.

i. at ii. in iii. into iv on

Q. 13. The term ” PSRN” stands for –

Q. 14. Vygotsky proposed that Child Development is –

Q. 15. Special education is related to —

Q. 16. Frobel’s most important contribution to education was his development of the –

Q. 17. In CCE, Formative and Summative Assessment totals to –

Q. 18. Cognitive Development means –

Q. 19. Name the pioneer of Classical Conditioning –

Q. 20. Primary Motivates are –

i. Physiological ii. Psychological iii. Social iv. Educational

Download – TET Related Question Papers/ Sample Papers

Answers / Solution of PSTET  Paper/ Previous Year’s Question Paper

1. ii 2. i 3. i 4. ii 5. iv 6. iii 7. iv 8. i 9. iii 10. i 11. Let I be obeyed 12. ii 13. Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Numeracy 14. a theory of the development of higher psychological functions 15. Educational Programs for Disabled 16. Kindergarten ( Primary) 17. 40% and 60% respectively 18. Development of child 19. Ivan Pavlov 20. i

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