Punjab Legislative Assembly Election 2017 – Important Facts/ Questions

Today on 4th of Feb 2017 the whole of Punjab cast votes for the next legislative assembly. There were many political parties in the fray. Chief of them were Congress, NDA ( BJP + SAD) , AAP etc. Now the focus shall be on the Election Result.

We have found here some very important/ interesting facts regarding 2017 Vidhan Sabha Election. These facts can be the part of the future competitive exams in Punjab. These are about no of electorates, size of constituencies etc.

Important Questions about Punjab Legislative Assembly 2017

Total No of Seats on offer in the Election – 117

Q. How many electors would decide the formation of govt in Punjab ?

Answer – 19879069

Q. Total Male voters were …

Answer – 10503108

Q. Total female and third gender electors were ….

Answer – 9375546 and 415 respectively

Q. What was the total no of candidates contesting in the election 2017?

Answer – 1145

Q. Total no of women and third gender candidates participating in the election ?

Answer – 81 and 1 resp.

Q. Name the seat with maximum no of candidates ?

Answer – Sanaur with 18 candidates

Punjab 2017 Vidhan Sabha Election related Useful Questions

Q. On which seat maximum no of women candidates fought the Punjab Vidhan Sabha election ?

Answer – Ghanaur with 4 women candidates.

Q. Which was the seat with minimum no of candidates ?

Answer – Khem Karan Fatehagarh Sahib with 5 candidates

Q. What is the largest constituency as per area ?

Answer – Gill ( SC Reserved )

Q. Which constituency was the largest as per the no of voters ?

Answer – Dera Bassi

Q. Which is the electorate-wise smallest constituency ?

Answer – Bholath

Q. Party-wise Candidates in Legislative 2017 Election ?

Answer –

Name of the Parties No of Seats
Congress 116
BSP 110
AAP 112
NCP 07
CPI 23

Q. How many polling stations were made for smooth Election ?

Answer – 22615

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