SSC CPO Question Paper with Answer key 2017 for SI ASI Paper 1 & 2

The Staff Selection Commission shall hold the Paper 1 for SI, ASI, Delhi Police CAPF/ CISF from June 30th to July 07 2017. This is going to be one of the largest exams as far as nos of examinees are concerned. For the total 2221 posts around 2 million candidates shall take this test.

The Admit Cards for this exam are about to come now. There shall be two exams namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. Only those candidates who shall be able to clear Paper 1 shall take paper 2. It means that Paper 1 is compulsory for all the applicants.

Contents of SSC CPO Paper 1 –

This paper shall have four sections viz GK and Awareness / English/ General Intelligence & Reasoning / Numerical Aptitude. Each of the Sections shall carry 50 MCQs of 50 Marks. The total questions shall be 200 of 200 Marks. The timing shall be of 120 minutes.

Alert – There shall be the negative marking with 0.25 loss for each wrong attempt.

Paper 2 –

IT shall also be a paper of 200 Marks. However it shall carry all 200 Questions from English Language and Comprehension.

SSC CPO Paper 1/ Paper 2 English Practice Set

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow – ( Q 1 to 3 )

It is quite common that children often wish they were grown up, and old people wish they were young again. They don’t know that each age has its own pleasures and pains. The happiest person is the one who enjoys every stage of life without wasting his time in useless regrets.

Childhood is the stage in which there are few responsibilities to make life more difficult. A child gets all the cares from his parents. He is fed, looked after and loved. A child finds pleasure in playing in the rain, or in the snow. In all he enjoys all the situations. However, a child has his own pains. He is not free to do as he wishes. He is to work under constant pieces of advice from his elders. If he does something wrong, the elders punish him.

Q. 1. Who is the happiest person, according to the writer ?

a. a child who gets care and love from his parents b.  a person who enjoys every stage of life c. the old people who give orders to the children d. only kings and politicians

Q. 2 Why is child chiefly happy ?

a. he gets love and care from his parents b. he enjoys rain and snowfall c. he has all types of freedom d. None of these

Q. 3. What is the Child’s greatest sorrow ?

a. going to school b. he is not free to do as he wishes c. he is punished by his elders d. all these

English Question Paper with Answer key for Staff Selection Commission CPO/ Delhi Police Exam

Q. 4. What is the synonym of Cyclone ?

a. breeze b. gale c. storm d. hurricane

Q. 5. Choose the same meaning of Compile –

a. to compare notes b. to collect material c. to follow d. to select

Q. 6. What is the opposite of Divulge ?

a. to disclose b. to reveal c. to hide d. strip

Q. 7. Correct the following sentence –

We shall see him a/ when he will come b/ next week c/ No Error d.

Q. 8. Choose the correct alternative for the Italic phrase – This argument cuts both sides.

a. both supports and criticizes the proposition.

b. is impartial

c. goes against both sides

d. supports both sides

Fill in the blanks from the alternatives given below – ( Q. 9 -10 )

Q. 9. The girl fastened the bell …………the neck of her cow.

a. around b. round c. on d. above

Q. 10. The room was filled with the ……….of roses ; but the ………..of the gutter spoiled it.

a. smell ; stink b. scent ; stench c. odour ; smell d. fragrance ; odour

Answer Key for SSC CPO Practice Paper – 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. d 5. b 6. c 7. b (he comes) 8. a 9. b 10. b

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