HP Forest Guard English Sample Paper with Solution Key & Syllabus

In our previous blog, we had published HP Forest Guard GK Sample Paper. Now we are publishing English Question Paper for the upcoming written exam. But before you take this test, you must have cursory look at the FG Syllabus and Pattern for English Language.

English Portion Syllabus and Pattern –

The English Subject shall carry the following items – Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Tense, Voice, Common Errors, Sentence Completion, Comprehension, Subject Verb Agreement and so on.

Read complete Vocabulary from here.

HP Forest Guard English Question Paper –

The paper shall carry 20 Questions. You shall find the answer/ solution at the end of the paper. So without delay start it right now.

Correct the following sentences ( Q. 1 -2 )

Q. 1 Rosy lay the purse on the table a/ and then forgot all about it b/ when she went out. c/ No Error d.

Answer –  a ( Rosy laid …..)

Q. 2. Being a sunny day a/ we decided to skip b/ work and stay at home. c/ No error d

Answer a ( It being a ……..)

Fill in the blanks using correct forms of verbs.

Q. 3. If you …………..( come ) here, we would have helped you.

Q. 4. She …………..( clean ) her home since morning tomorrow.

Q. 5. Many a girl …………….( attend ) the function recently.

Answers – 3. had come 4. will have been cleaning 5. has attended

Find the synonyms of the following words – ( Q. 6 – 7 )

Q. 6. Transcribe –

a. confuse b. decipher c. distort d. None of these

Q. 7. Consecrate –

a. dedicate b. negate c. prohibit d. None of these

Answers – 6. b 7. dedicate

Choose the opposite words ( Q. 8 – 9 )

Q. 8. Spurn

a. despise b. humiliate c. ridicule d. None of these

Q. 9. Disinherit

a. endowment b. drawback c. damage d. None of these

Answers – 8. d 9. a

Give one word substitutions for the following phrases ( Q. 10 – 11 )

Q. 10. A funeral procession

a. cortege b. convoy c. congress d. None of these

Q. 11. Govt by the Gods –

a. Theocracy b. Secular c. Thearchy d. None of these

Answers – 10. a 11. c

Change the voice of the following sentences – ( Q. 12 – 13 )

Q. 12 Could you pass the salt ?

Q. 13. They are going to build a new airport near the old one.

Answers – 12. Could the salt be passed ? 13. A new airport is going to be built near the old one.

Change the Narration  – ( Q. 14 – 15 )

Q. 14. She said to me” Why have you come late today ? ”

Q. 15. I said to her,” Thank you for your help. ”

Answers – 14. She asked me if I had come late that day. 15. I thanked her for her help

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