Symbiosis Entrance Test ( SET) English Practice Paper – Fully Solved

Here we are providing you the 2015 English Question Paper of SET ( Symbiosis Entrance Test ). This test shall help you to have rough estimate of the nature of exam you are going to face. Every year this test takes place for admission to Symbiosis International University.

It is necessary for the aspirants to have good cut off for getting admission. So preparation here plays an important part. Other contents of SET are Quantitative Aptitude with a sprinkling of Reasoning besides English. So test your English Preparation.

Symbiosis Entrance Test English Paper –

Directions for 1 to 3

Choose the most appropriate answer –

1. To pay off old scores means –

a. clear debt b. take revenge c. scored well d. run away

2. Speaks volume stands for –

a. loud b. talkative c. serve as strong testimony d. large

3. Meaning of Tooth and nail –

a. with all power b. hungry c. unconditionally d. top to bottom

Choose the  synonyms of the following ( 4 to 8)

4. Salient stands for –

a. seasonal b. skillful c. prominent d. solitary

5. Tumid means –

a. Revolting b. mean c. swollen d. humid

6. Coalesce means

7. Though he was a famous singer, his life was full of vicissitudes.

8. The bohemian attitude of the guest made us worried.

Now find the antonym of the following –

9. Pursue

10. Augment

11. Commissioned has its opposite as

12. Exodus –

Read Synonyms/ Antonyms from here.

SET Symbiosis Entrance Test Paper for English Language-

Fill in the blanks with the right alternative out of four given –

13. Any system is likely to ——— for ——–of support from the public.

a. survive, lack b. succeed, reason c. fail, want d. finish, failure

14. Synthetic milk ———-real milk in all ———-except taste and nutritional qualities.

a. resembles, factors

b. exemplifies, respects

c. copies, manners

d. marks, qualities

15. The President of any country has a ———-of ———around him when he makes public appearances.

a. group, protection b. ambience, individuals c. barrier, people d. hedge, protection

16. ———- of the rainbow were ———against the bright blue sky.

a. hues, vivid, b. colors, merging c. alabaster, flashing d. hues, dark

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions

17. He lives ——–Agra ———- the state———UP.

18. The boat was tied ——–the shore ——–a sailor —–a rope.

19. The floods in Kashmir last year ——-the worst in this country. ( was/ were/ is/ are)

20. Very soon, humanity ——–be asked : ” History knocked at your door, did you answer ? ” ( will, would, should, can ) Read rules of Modals from here.

Choose the odd-man out from the following –

21. a. Cube b. Cubicle c. Cuboid d. Cubic

22. a. Beauty is only skin deep.

b. You can not judge a book by its cover.

c. Judge not a man by his clothing.

d. All that shines is not gold.

Give one word substitution of the following –

23. To kill somebody for political reasons

24. A person who deserts his religion –

Answers – 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5. c 6. Amalgamate  7. misfortunes 8. unconventional 9. eschew 10. diminish 11. Terminated 12. influx 13. c 14. a 15. d. 16. d 17. at, in, of 18. to, by, with 19. were 20. will 21. b 22. d 23. Assassination 24. Apostate

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