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The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board conducted the TET for UP aspirants on 19th of Dec ( Morning Shift/ Evening Shift ). There were two papers – TET Level 1 and TET Level 2. More than 7.5 lac candidates had appeared in the test. Now all of them want to evaluate their exam performance beforehand. The official answer key may appear on 27th of Dec.

We are also trying to publish Some of the Questions for helping the examinees evaluate their performance. And also this UPTET Solution key shall help the future examinees to do better preparation.

As everybody knows that TET exams are compulsory for becoming teachers at Upper Primary Level and Lower Primary Level. Both the tests contain 150 Questions. This is just a qualifying test. The candidates need to just secure 60% marks ( 90 Marks). So with a bit of preparation, the candidates can overcome this hurdle.

UPTET 19th Dec Question Paper Solution –

Part – Child Psychology

Q. With which is Kohlberg theory of development linked ?

Answer – Moral Development

Q. Who had given the Concept of Programmed Learning ?

Answer – Thorndike

Q. What do we call that change that occurs due to a relatively permanent change in behavioral potentiality ?

Answer – Learning

Q. Which Intelligence Theory is cognition a part of ?

Answer – Fluid and Crystallized Theory

Q. What shall be the IQ of eight years Sudhir whose mental age is 10 ?

Answer – 125

Q. Which theory of emotions deals with the idea ” Emotional experience depends upon emotional behaviour ? ”

Answer – James Lange Theory

Q. What do we call the emotional tension resulting from the blocking of a desire or need ?

Answer – Anxiety

Q. Not related with the law of learning ….

Answer – Law of Stress

Q. Piaget is chiefly known for studying …

Answer – Cognitive Development

Q. What do we call the process in which training given to one part of human body gets transferred to the other part ?

Answer – Bilateral Transfer

Q. What do we call a score in a given set of date that appears most frequently ?

Answer – Mode

Q. Who had propounded the Operant Conditioning Theory ?

Answer – B.F Skinner

Q. Albert Brandura associated with ….

Answer – Social Learning Theory

Q. Who had given the concept of Mental Age ?

Answer – Binet Simon

UPTET 19th Dec 2016 Solution for Psychology Paper

Q. According to Terman, child having IQ ranges from 90-100 is considered as ..

Answer – Average Intelligence

Q. On which did Pavlov experiment his Conditioning Theory of Learning ?

Answer – Dog

Q. Who had propounded the theory Learning by Insight ?

Answer – Kohler

Q. What do we call a process of arousing, sustaining and regulating activity ?

Answer – Learning

Q. What is the way of minimizing forgetfulness ?

Answer – Repetition of Lesson

Q. Of which is anger and fear type of ?

Answer – Emotion

Q. What do we call a process of copying of the external behaviour of another individual ?

Answer – Imitation

Q. If previous knowledge and past experience helps in new type of leaning, we call it …

Answer – Transfer of training

Q. What do we call failing to retain or to be able to recall what a person has acquired ?

Answer – Forgetting

UPTET Sample Paper for future exams

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Facts about UPTET Dec 2016-

There were total 858 examination centres in 75 districts. Total Seven Lac Fifty Five Thousand and Eight Hundred Eighty Nine candidates were registered for TET. For upper level test there were 5,01,821 and for lower level 2,54068 candidates had appeared. UPTET Exam Regulatory Officer Neena Srivastav said that there was no case of copying and it was a peaceful process.

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