Agnipath Scheme 2022 – Eligibility, Salary And Other Benefits

Central Govt Agnipath Scheme 2022-2023 – Check Eligibility, Salary and Other Benefits – Useful links for the aspiring Candidates

The Central Govt has taken out the posts of Agniveer to work in the Armed Forces ( Army, Navy and Air Force ).

The govt. had launched its over-ambitious plan on Tuesday. This attractive plan gets the name ” Agnipath Scheme “.

Under this  scheme, the youngsters of the country can get jobs in the Armed Forces. Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh had launched this revolutionary scheme. He further said this scheme may bring the improvement in recruitment plan.

According to this scheme, the youngsters will get the employment after getting army training. In addition to this, they will be able to do self- business. They will get attractive salary. Their tenure will be of four years.

Eligibility Criterion –

The interested candidates must be the citizens of India.

The candidates must be between 17.5 years to 21 years.

Educational Qualification –

The candidates must be either 10th class or 12th pass. The aspirants who will be 10th pass may get education of 12th class during their training of Agnipath.

During these Four Years, they will get the training of four years. After this, they will get the opportunity to work with Indian soldiers to serve the nation. After four years of service, the Agniveers will as per their wish can apply for regular cadre.

However, maximum 25 percent of the total Agniveers may get job in regular cadre. Rest of 75 percent Agniveers will send to their houses. The youngsters who will not get jobs after four years will be able for self-employment. In addition to that, they will get preference in the Armed Forces and other government sectors. Moreover, they will get the benefit of retired army quota.

Salary of the Agniveers –

In the first year, 46,000 males and females may get the job. This number may be changeable. This plan will replace Army Bharti/ Rally. The Agniveers will get themselves covered with insurance ( LIC ) of 48 Lakh for their work in Indian Army. These youngsters may have feelings of patriotism, team work, physical fitness etc. The trained Agniveers will be available for inner and outer dangers of the country, natural emergency of the country etc.

In the first year of Agniveers’ job, they will get 30,000 Rs. per month. During the second year, they will get 33,000 Rs. per month. In the third year they will get 36,500 Rs. per month. In the fourth year, they will get Rs. 40,000 per month.

They will get 70 percent as per their salaries. Rest thirty percent will be deposited in Agniveers Corps Fund. The money which is deducted from their salaries will be of 5.02 Lakh Rs. The same fund will be given by the Central Government. In this way they will have double benefit. They will get total 11.71 lakh Rs. in one time. There will be no tax on this sum ( Rs. 11.71 Lakh ).

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