Grammar Practice Set 1 of 10th Class of HBSE ( Haryana Board )

Check your 10th class grammar for Haryana Board Exam ( HBSE ) – We have given the answer of each question at the end – Useful links for 10th class students

Q. 1 – Correct/ Use the Punctuation

a.  he knows how to speak english

Answer – He knows how to speak English.

b. yes, ram will come here

Answer – Yes, Ram will come here.

c. narwana is a small city of haryana

Answer – Narwana is a small city of Haryana.

Q. 2 Use of Tense

a. Look ! the train ————- ( come ).

Answer – is coming

b. Children ————– ( play ) since morning.

Answer – Have been playing

c. Elephants————- ( eat ) meat.

Answer – Do not eat

Q . 3 Use of Articles :-

a. ————Red Fort is located in ————–Delhi.

Answer – The, no article

b.—————- food we ate yesterday was very tasty.

Answer – The

c. ————– water is essential for us.

Answer – No article

Q. 4. Use of Reported Speech :-

a. She said to me ,” I will help you in this matter. ”

Answer – She told me that she would help me in that matter.

b. Radha said to Mohan, ” Why have you come late ? ”

Answer – Radha asked Mohan why he had come late.

c. Rudra said to Kinjal, ” Is tea ready? ”

Answer – Rudra asked Kinjal if tea was ready.

Q. 5. Use of Modals :-

a. _______ I take your pen?

Answer – May

b. He comes here so that he _______ meet you.

Answer – May

c. Ravi ______ speak 5 languages.

Answer – Can

Q.6. Use of Non – Finite :-

a. Sita wishes ________ meet him.

Answer – To

b. On _______ ( reach ) there, I found that she was watching T.V.

Answer – Reaching

c. The teacher made me _______ ( stand ).

Answer – Stand

Q.6. Use of figure of speech :-

a. She is like a moon.

Answer – Simile

b. She is a moon.

Answer – Metaphor

c. What is the rhyme scheme of a couplet ?

Answer – aa bb etc.

Check your Haryana Board 10th Grammar from for the years 2024-2025-2026 here. You will also find the solution after each and every question.

We shall provide you more 10th class grammar practice set in very near future. Till then keep coming on this page. Use the links given on this page for your benefit.

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