Haryana 10th class Grammar Practice Set 2

Prepare HBSE 10th English Grammar Practice Set 2 – answer after every question – Useful links for 10th class students

Q.1 Proper use of Punctuation :-

a. sita said to me why have i come late

Answer -Sita said to me ,” Why have I come late ? ”

b. ravi bought this thing from jind

Answer – Ravi bought this thing from Jind.

c. who is insulting vishnu

Answer – Who is insulting Vishnu ?

Q. 2 Use of Tenses :-

a. If you —————( come ) here, I will give you my book.

Answer – come

b. If you ————– ( come ) here, I would have given you my pen.

Answer – had come

c. Radha ————– ( come ) here last month.

Answer – came

Q. 3 Use of Articles :-

a. —————- more you eat,————–more fatty you will be.

Answer – The, the

b. Ram is waiting for you outside ————— Oberai.

Answer – the

c. He gave me —————(the little/ the few ) money he had.

Answer – The little

Q. 4. Use of Reported Speech :-

a. She said to me ,” I can not help you. ”

Answer – She told me that she could not help me.

b. They said to us ,” Let us work .”

Answer – They suggested us that we should work.

c. The student said ,” Alas ! I failed again. ”

Answer – The student exclaimed with sorrow that he/ she had failed again.

Q. 5.Use of Modals :-

a. How ————— you enter my room ?

Answer – dare

b. You ————– not learn this lesson.

Answer – need

c. He ————— to be in the school this time.

Answer – ought

Q. 6 Use of Non-Finites :-

a. He is too weak ————–( do ) this work.

Answer – to do

b. My teacher made me ————- ( stand ).

Answer – stand

c. No —————-( drink ) wine here.

Answer – drinking

Q. 7 Use of figure of speech :-

a. Rudra is like a lion.

Answer – Simile

b. Rudra is a lion.

Answer – Metaphor

c. The flowers are smiling.

Answer – Personification

Note:- Grammar practice set 1 for HBSE 10th class. Our team hopes you may find some of the questions in your exam.

We shall publish more English Grammar Practice Sets for 10th class students. We hope that they will be helpful for them. Our team wishes good luck for the exam.

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