Punctuation – Use of Comma & Apostrophe

Punctuation is very important system as far as Written English is concerned. It is very important to use correct punctuation for correct meaning and effective language. Punctuation is a system in which various marks/symbols are used in writing to indicate pauses and division of sentences.

So in a way, punctuation is the right way of putting in marks or stops in writing.

Check some of the Principal Marks of punctuation –

Comma ( ,), Apostrophe ( ‘ ), Semi Colon ( ; ), Colon ( : ), Quotation Marks ( ”   ” ), Hyphen ( – ), Question Mark ( ?), etc.

In this article, we shall focus only on Comma and Apostrophe –

Use of Comma ( , ) –

a. For a short or slight pause to separate words in a list –

We purchased cake, candles, toffees and sweets for all.

Note – Comma is almost avoided before the word and.

b. To separate Adverbial Clause when it is followed by main clause –

When he comes, we will stand up.

c. To write a Noun in Apposition –

I would like to meet John, your friend.

d. To separate nominative absolute –

The sun having risen, we went for walk.

e. To separate initials and titles –

Mr. Robert, M.P., Ph.D etc.

f. After salutations and complementary close

My dear Ram,

My dear son,

g. In writing address –

H.No. – 27/5,

Model Town.

h. For Parenthetical Expressions –

In fact, we helped him.

Slowly, he recovered from his illness.

i. In question tags

You don’t know him, do you ?

Use of Punctuation –

j. In place of omitted words –

He is intelligent, his brother, dull.

k. In reported speech

I said to him,” I will help you.”

l. Rudra, bring me a glass of water.

a. to show possession /belongings –

John’s house, My friend’s wife

Note – Apostrophe is not used with non-living words –

The bat’s price ( the price of the bat is correct)

b. With singular Nouns, we use ‘s and with plural nouns we only use ‘.

Boys’ hostel

Boy’s shirt

c. We don’t use apostrophe with pronouns –

Yours faithfully instead of your’s faithfully.

d. For omitted letters

I’m, You’re, 7 O’clock

e. ‘s is used with figures and letters to make plural –

6’s and 7’s , P’s and Q’s

We shall update the post with more usage. If you have any point, you can share with us through the comment box below.


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