How to become a Bouncer in India – Scope, Eligibility, Salary

These days, there is the passion among the youngsters of becoming bouncers in the world. A bouncer is a young sombre looking man with sturdy physique who welcomes you at the entrance of some night club. He is also known as the Doorman or or Night Security Guard and so on. \

How to become a Bouncer in India

The most important thing is that although he is expected to provide security, he is bare handed. He doesn’t have any weapon to intimidate others. His job is to handle the troubling customers/clients politely. So he depends upon his physical strength most of the time. The costumers are also influenced by his good physique.

There are male and female both types of bouncers in great demand. First of all check the eligibility for being bouncers in India –

Eligibility for being a bouncer-

There is no fixed eligibility for becoming bouncers. As they have to protect people and the owner’s property, they must be strongly built with very good physique.

Some corporate sectors/ bars/ night clubs expect the bouncers to be qualified as well – at least graduates-  with good command over English because most of their clients/customers are highly educated people. Some Security firms prefer retired personnel from Defence.

Even the candidates who know martial arts, karate etc are preferred.

Now-a-days the demand for the bouncers has increased a lot especially the female bouncers. Female bouncers are preferred today just because the people don’t feel uneasy in their company.

Places where Bouncers are in great demand ( Scope )

  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Big Companies
  • Call Centres
  • Personal Security for Business men/women

The demand is only in big cities.

Salaries for Male/Female Bouncers –

Unlike other fields, the female bouncers earn more than their male counterparts.

  • For female bouncers the wages range from Rs 1,500 to 2,000 per shift + conveyance
  • For male bouncers it Rs 8,00 to 1,200 per shift + conveyance.

In that way the male bouncers can earn from 15,000 to 25,000 per month whereas Female bouncers from Rs 20,000 to 35,000 pm. But the salary will depend upon the nature of firms. It may be higher also.

Jobs are in shifts and one shift may last 4 to 8 hours.

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  1. Sir my name- Jhon Kapoor
    Height- 197 cm
    Weight- 110 kg
    Wrestler, and know some basic self defence techniques. Can I apply for job.

  2. Meri Hight 5.4 Hain Kya main bouncer ke liye thik hu

  3. I want to become bouncer
    Hight 6 feet
    Weight 95
    Age 24
    Working in gym for 3years

  4. Hello My name is Megha
    Age 39
    Height 5.3
    Weight 83
    I want a bouncer job in delhi

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    Height 6.6 ft
    Weight 105 kg
    Biceps 16.5 inch
    Volleyball player with gold medal in senior state games in Haryana
    Ncc certificate

  6. I am Prateek
    Height -5'10
    Weight – 87 kg
    Age- 28
    I am complete pg
    I have completed 95 day's bouncer job in jaipur
    I live in UP I want become a bouncer

  7. hello sir/ ma’am,

    I am Chaitanyasinh Rao
    height – 5.9″
    weight – 85 kg approx.
    I was a completed a bouncers job in IPL 3rd season at Ahmedabad Gujarat.
    and also working in local events like celebrity and delicates.
    but I want to move from local events.

  8. I want to join madam. I am so interested in bouncer job.

  9. Jai Hind sir/Madam
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    And MMA fighter / Muay Thai too
    Like to work in bouncer love too
    I stay in Sahakanagar
    Need a job

    • Age:-24

    • Very nice
      I have a club in Pune and was wondering to hire u for a salary of 87000 per month.

      • I want this club job

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    Weight – 84kg
    Height – 6.00
    I need job madam/sir, I am in fresher job….

  11. hello sir my name is sher ali khan my height is 6 feet and 4 inches and my body weight is 90kg. kya mai bouncer ban sakta hu ?

  12. Hlo
    Myself Ajay from Haryana
    My age is 20
    My height is 6.1
    Become to be a bouncer

  13. My age:19 height:161 weight:84kg

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    My age – 23
    My height -5.7
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    Height 6 ft …
    Weight 90 kg
    Age 27
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    I ‘m Sanjeev from dist. Sonipat, Haryana
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    Me.. pleasure let me know…
    Name :sanjeev
    Age :20
    Height: 6.1 feet
    Weight :90 kg

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    As I am Amith…want to be a bouncer…if any job …plz let me knw..TIA..
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