HTET PGT English ( Level 3) Practice Set/ Paper with Solution

Haryana Teachers’ Eligibility Test ( HTET) occurs almost twice a year. The test has three levels – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The first two levels are for JBT Teachers and TGTs and level 3 is for PGTs. Here we are providing you the TEST PAPER for HTET Level 3 exam.

HTET PGT English Pattern

Before we proceed, the examinees must know a bit about the exam pattern. Like other TETs it is also the test that contains 150 questions.

The contents are – Pedagogy, General English/ General Hindi, Specific English. So for a candidate taking HTET PGT English, it is very simple to obtain the qualifying marks as 90 questions are only from English Subject.

HTET PGT English Practice Paper – Total Questions 20

Q. 1. When did NTCE come in to existence ?

Q. 2. Name the Chairman of the Review Committee of National Policy on Education – 1986

Q. 3. Men are wiser than women – what does this statement reflect ?

Q. 4. With what is Dyslexia related ?

Q. 5 Fill the following blank with appropriate preposition – He ordered ——– a cup of tea.

Q. 6. Correct the following sentence – No sooner did he entered the house than the light went off.

Q. 7. Change the voice of the following sentence – Talk to him nicely.

Q. 8. Change the narration of the following sentence – She said to me,” Well, I’ll see if I can help you.”

Haryana TET PGT English Practice Set

Q. 9. One word substitution – An unconventional style of living

Q. 10. Attach the question tag – He is naughty,……

Q. 11. देश सेवा में कौन सा समास है ?

Q. 12.कंदुक तत्सम शब्द है इसका तदभव शब्द क्या होगा ?

Q. 13.गागर में सागर भरना का क्या अर्थ है ?

Q. 14. Who is the poet of the poem ” My Mother is Sixty Six ” ?

Q. 15. Pollas, the Goddess, belongs to ….

Q. 16. What does Peripeteia stand for ?

Q. 17. Who is the writer of Portrait of Mr Jinnah ?

Q. 18. Who  has said the following words – Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Q. 19. Who is the writer of the following quote – There is no God higher than the truth

Q. 20. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet came in to existence ?

Answer – 1. 1995 2. Acharya Rammurti 3. Sexual prejudice 4. Reading disorder 5. No article 6. did he enter 7. Let he be talked to nicely 8. She told me that she’d see if she could help me.

9. Bohemian 10. isn’t he? 11. तत्पुरुष 12. गेंद 13. थोड़े शब्दों में बहुत कुछ कहना 14. Kamala Das 15. wisdom 16. A reversal of intention 17. J. L. Nehru 18. Pluto 19. M.K Gandhi 20. 1592

HTET Sample Papers

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