JEECUP Question Paper with Answer key and Solution 23rd April 2017

The UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam has taken place quite successfully on 23/04/2017. After the exam, the candidates’ search radar is on Answer key with complete solution. The reason is to find out the Expected cut off which may help in getting admission to various Polytechnic Colleges.

The better the cut off, the higher chances of getting admission in one’s choice college. That’s why this answer key is beneficial for them. Also the future candidates of JEECUP 2018, shall get the idea of their exam from JEECUP 2017 Answer key/ Result.

There were total 100 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Math. There are groups from A to K. There is the base of 10th or 12th depending upon the level of the course. As a result, the level of syllabus corresponds to the level of course. The test is conducted by UPBTE ( Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education ).

The JEECUP questions are available in both the mediums viz Hindi and English. That’s why there is no issue of selection of the language of the exam. There are more questions on Math than other two components of the exam namely Physics and Chemistry.

Exam Reviews –

The paper of 23rd of April was as per the latest JEECUP syllabus and pattern prescribed by the concerned authority. There were two sections – Section 1 and Section 2.

Section 1 Physics and Chemistry ( 50 Questions )
Section 2 Math ( 50 Questions)

The level of the exam was average. We got the chance to interact with some candidates who apprised us that with a bit of preparation and good strategy, the paper can be cleared. It is better for you to see the solution yourself below.

Name of the Exam JEECUP 2017
Total No of Questions One Hundred
Total Marks Four Hundred
Duration of Exam 3 Hours

JEECUP 23rd April 2017 Question Paper with Solution and Answer key –

We are providing the solution of some of the questions we have come across.

Q. Why is the foundation of the of buildings are wider than the wall ?

Answer – …so that the pressure exerted by the building on the ground becomes less.

Q. Which frequency of sound can a man hear ?

Answer – 200 kHz

Q. Which image does a plane mirror form ?

Answer – Inverted and of same size

Q. How can we obtain a real and enlarged image ?

Answer – By using concave mirror

Q. Which quantity of liquid does hydrometer measure ?

Answer – It measures relative density.

Q. What is the boiling point of water on Fahrenheit Scale ?

Answer – 212 Degree F

Q. In e.g.s system, 1.0 Newton Force is equivalent to …..

Answer – 1.0 kg- m/s square

Q. What is the unit of linear momentum ?

Answer – kg-m/s

Q. What shall be the motion if two equal and opposite forces act on a moving object ?

Answer – It will be unaffected motion.

Q. Which of the following has the biggest property of inertia ?

Answer – Car

Q. Of which lining does the Bessemer convertor use for smelting of copper ?

Answer – Copper

Q. What is the Copper ore ?

Answer – Malachite

Q. What is the volumetric ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in water ?

Answer – It’s 2:1

Q. Which of the following gases acts both as oxidizing and reducing agent ?

Answer – SO2

Q. Which substance is used in Fire-extinguisher ?

Answer – Na2CO3

Q. What is the IUPAC name of Formaldehyde ?

Answer – Methanal

Q. What compound do we get on hydrogenation of alcohol ?

Answer – Aldehyde

Q. When does the boiling point of a liquid increase ?

Answer – with the decrease in atmospheric pressure

We hope you shall get a bit of idea of your upcoming JEECUP in 2018.

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