Manipur GK & Current Affairs – Important Questions for Exams

Manipur is one of 7 North-Eastern states known as Seven Sisters collectively. It is one of the smallest states of the country. It’s capital is Imphal. The total area of the state is 22,327 sq km with population around 30 lac ( 3 million).

In its north, there is Nagaland, in the south Mizoram, to the south Assam located. The state has suffered a lot from insurgency caused by some terror groups here which don’t wish to be part of India.

Important Question on Manipur General Knowledge and Current affairs –

Q. What is the date of formation of Manipur ?

Answer – 21/01/1972

Q. Who is the Governor of the state ?

Answer – Najma Heptulla

Q. Name of the CM of the state ?

Answer – N Biren Singh ( From the BJP). He is the 1st BJP CM of Manipur.

Q. Largest party in 2017 Legislative Assembly ?

Answer – Congress with total 28 seats whereas the BJP remained at second slot by bagging 21 seats.

Q. How many districts are there in the state ?

Answer – Sixteen

Q. What is Manipur’s area rank in the country ?

Answer – 24th ( as per 2011 census )

Manipur General Knowledge  & Current Affairs

Q. Rank in population ?

Answer – 24th ( 2011 census )

Q. Literacy rate of Manipur ?

Answer – 79.21 % ( 2011 Census )

Q. Official languages of the state is/are …

Answer – Meitei, English

Q. What is the state emblem ?

Answer – The Kangla Sha

Q. Who had signed the instrument of accession in 1949 to merge the kingdom into India ?

Answer – Maharaja Bodhchandra

Q. Anglo-Manipur war took place in ….

Answer – In 1891

Q. When was the state brought under AFSPA, 1958 ?

Answer – In 1980

Q. Who was the first CM of Manipur ?

Answer – Mairembam Koireng Singh from Indian National Congress

Q. Longest serving CM of the state ?

Answer – Okram Ibobi Singh

Q. How many towns are there in the state ?

Answer – 33

Q. What is the Child Sex Ration ?

Answer – 978 Females to 1000 Males

Q. What is the chief religion of the state ?

Answer – Hinduism ( 41.35% ) and the second largest religion is Christianity ( 41.25 %)

Q. Who had influenced the Hindus the most in the state ?

Answer – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who stressed the worshiping of Lord Krishna

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