NEET JEE – Exam Time – Why to Postpone These Exams

NEET will take place on 13th of September 2020. JEE will take place from Sept 1st. This test will end 6th of Sept. amid the Coronavirus breakdown. There are many opposition parties which seek these tests postponed.

But the govt wants these tests on time. It does not want any review on its decision. Some states have given some relaxation to the examinees. In a way, the govt is doing everything to lure these examinees.

What do the Examinees say about these exams ?

Different students have different views regarding the conduct of the exams. Some have positive and some others have negative opinion about these exams.

One guy on the promise of anonymity has said,” This exam ( JEE ) was necessary for him as he had given full time and done full preparation for it. ”

Other guy told us that it would be wastage of money and time if the govt. thought of postponing them.

Another guy was in favor of postponing it citing that Coronavirus is a deadly disease. It is a pandemic. If exams take place, the virus will spread all over the country. It may even kill them. For them life is more important than the test.

One girl from the small city said that she had been preparing for the exam of NEET for the last two years. If the test does not take place now, her career would be spoiled. As a result she wants test to take place on the given schedule.

This time approximately 30 lakh students are taking both the exams. The competition is very hard/ tough.

NEET to take – App. 19 Lakh

JEE to take – App. 11 Lakh

These are the views/ opinions of some of the examinees. As for the exams, we are in a fix. We don’t know what to say. If you have your views regarding the exams ( NEET and JEE ), you can give them using our page below.

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