Objective Type Questions with Answers from Going Places

Learn very short questions with answers from ‘ Going Places ‘ by A. R. Barton from Flamingo ( 10+2 ) – Useful links for 12th students – Pattern is of NCERT

Q. Who has written the story Going Places ?

Answer – A. R. Barton

Going Places from 12th Class

Q. Where does the writer live ?

Answer – Zurich

Q. Who is the protagonist ( main character ) of this story ?

Answer – Sophie

Q. Who is the best friend of Sophie ?

Answer – Jansie

Q. Whom does Sophie say that she had met ?

Answer – Danny Casey

Q. How many brothers did Sophie have ?

Answer – Two

Q. Name her brothers.

Answer – Derek and Geoff

Q. Which country does Casey represent in football ?

Answer – Ireland

Q. Where does Sophie imagine that she had met Casey ?

Answer – Royce’s window

Q. What is the name of Jansie’s brother ?

Answer – Franck

Q. When do Sophie and her family go to see the match of United Kingdom ?

Answer – Saturday

Q. With how many goals did United Kingdom win ?

Answer – Two – nil

Q. Who had done the second goal ?

Answer – Casey

Q. What was Geoff doing when Sophie reached from her school ?

Answer – He was repairing his motorcycle.

Q. What was Sophie jealous of ?

Answer – Her brother’s silence.

Q. Does Sophie’s father believe in what she has send ?

Answer – No

Q. Where had Sophie and Jansie made the plan to work after leaving the school ?

Answer – Biscuit factory

Q. Where did Sophie’s father go to celebrate the victory of the UK ?

Answer – Pub

Q. According to little Derek, who may win the world cup ?

Answer – Ireland

Q. According to Sophie, what was the color Casey’s eye ?

Answer – Green

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