Only 4 Years’ B.Ed will be sufficient – No Need of other courses

Now the candidates who wish to become teachers at Primary and Middle Level and whatsoever, they will need only one course and that is B.Ed. This B.Ed shall be of 4 years instead of two years. NCTE is going to make this amendment ( National Council of Teacher Education). New candidates must now know that for becoming Teachers at Basic Level and Secondary Level schools/ colleges there shall not be any confusion regarding which course they  have to do for one or the other teaching job.

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So remember only one course is sufficient. As a result, the council is extending the duration of B.Ed Course from 2 years to 4 years. This new change shall be implemented from the session 2019-20.

This decision is final. The chairperson of the committee which finalized this decision is Prof Anil Kumar Shukla. So far there were numerous courses to teach various classes in schools. For basic courses, there was the need of BTC and for other classes students had to do B.Ed. Besides, there were other courses such as BL.Ed, DL.Ed, etc. So these courses are substituted by B.Ed now. For an Art student, it will be B.A. B.Ed and for science student it will be B.Sc. B.Ed. All in one course.

Even B.Ed course is also divided as per the stream. It means there shall be the different syllabus for Primary classes and for Secondary classes. It is known that the same course was extended to 2 years a couple years back. The concerned committee took various views from the teachers and educationists from various schools and colleges. There was the unanimous agreement that there should be the common course for the teaching aspirants. Even there was the meeting in Delhi regarding this change.

So from the next session, the aspirants will do different B.Ed with 4 years tenure. Please  send your opinion regarding this great change in the teaching education.

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