SSC CGL Tier 2 English Practice Set/ Paper – Language, Comprehension

The fortunate candidates who have cleared SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam must desire to get some Sample Paper for CGL Tier 2 English Language. The Selection Criteria for SSC CGL Posts involves three Tiers along with Interview Schedule.

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Here we are providing you the opportunity to undergo some Practice Set for English Language. At the end of the page we have provided the answers. This paper shall certainly help you in analyzing your exam preparation.

Note – Unlike the Tier 2 Exam, we shall not provide you the options. You will have to solve the questions rather choose the right option out of four ones.

Pattern for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam –

Tier II Exam shall consist of three papers viz Arithmetic, English Language and Comprehension, General studies that involves Economics, Statistics,Commerce etc. All the three papers shall have 200 questions each. As for English 200 Questions and 200 Marks. It means objective type questions with one mark each.

SSC CGL Tier 2 English Paper –

Q. A Change the narration of the following sentences –

1. Joseph said to me,” I had been waiting for you for the last 10 minutes.”

2. I said to him, ” O.K. I’ve got you.”

3. He said, ” Ladies and gentlemen, I am thankful for the opportunity you have given me.”

4. John said to me, ” You don’t like sweets, do you?”

5. She said, “O that I were a queen !”

Q. B Change the voice of the following sentences –

6. What are students doing in this period?

7. What questions did the teacher put in the exam?

8. One should not tell a lie in this matter.

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Q. C Add the questions tags to the following sentences –

9. Switch on the bulb.

10. Nobody has seen the thief.

Q. D Correct the following sentences –

11. I was opposed to enter the room.

12. Having writing a letter, I took a stroll.

13. He didn’t contact me since he went to the USA.

14. I as well as they are to attend the meeting tomorrow.

15. He is taller than  wise

Q. E Test your Vocabulary –

Give one word for the following phrases –

16. Total loss of voice

17. Signature of somebody without his/her permission

18. Meaning of Run Out

19. What is the meaning of Pull Up ?

20. What is the meaning of the following phrase – Religion is a stalking horse to shoot other’s fowl ?

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Answers – 1. Joseph told me than he had been waiting for me for the last 10 minutes. 2. I told him that I’d got him. 3. He addressed the people as ladies and gentlemen and said that he was thankful for the opportunity they had given him or Addressing the people as ladies and gentlemen, he said that he was thankful for the opportunity they had given him. 4. John asked me if I didn’t like sweets.

5. She wished that she were a queen. 6. What is being done by students in this period ?7. What questions were put in the exam by the teacher ? 8. A lie should not be told in the matter 9. will you ? or won’t you ? 10. have they ? 11. entering 12. written 13. hasn’t contacted 14 am to 15. more tall 16. Aphonia 17. Forgery 18. finish 19. To rebuke 20. To use religion for selfish motives

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