Tolerance, Intolerance and Dirty Politics

India has been suffering a lot chiefly owing to dirty politics since her independence in 1947. She does not get the progress she as a great country deserves due to this ruthless politics.

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In their satanic efforts to have their own axe to grind, the shrewd and unscrupulous politicians have defiled  the age-long culturally-rich and harmonious fabric by spreading venom in its ambiance.

Everything is being done or said just to keep their politics alive, garner votes and ensure power. Politics has its germs everywhere in the country. It has its existence in every nook and corner of the country. It is at the backstage of every action that becomes a news everyday.In a way, the politics is omnipresent.

If you talk about tolerance, there is politics. You express your necessary or unnecessary concern over growing intolerance and are obliged to return awards once conferred on you for head and shoulder services you had rendered to society, there is politics.

An Essay – Tolerance, Intolerance and Dirty Politics

If you choose to attack those who are returning awards because you think some people have misguide them as they had never  raised their voice vehemently like this in the past, there is politics. Politics, Politics and Dirty Politics everywhere. Our Hon’ble PM Sh Narendra Modi rose this post of Prime Minister just because he had shown silver lining to the country men who were getting frustrated owing to various problems in the country.

No doubt, he has made incessant and sincere efforts to put the country on the right track of progress by luring the whole world to come and Make in India. But somewhere he is also the part of this politics. My humble request to him is –

Mr PM, please cease to be a politician at least for a few years. People have pinned much trust on you. So don’t let their trust die. People are fed up of this kind of politics and want only development. This bad taste politics will certainly hamper this long-awaited development and tarnish the image of the country at International platform.

A poet has beautifully summed up his views in the following two lines –

Barbad-e-chaman karne ko, bus ek hi ullu kafi hai,

Yahan hur dal pe ullu baithen hai, ab hal-e-chaman kya hoga.

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