Asian Games 2018 Important Questions - Facts, Info for Exams

The biggest sports event ( Asian Games ) of Asian Continent has ended. Almost all the Asian Countries had participated in this event. Read some important questions / facts/ information regarding this event ( Asian Event 2018 ).

Very Important Questions concerned with 2018 Asian Games -

Q. Which country host this event ?

Ans - Indonesia ( Jakarta and Palembang )

Q. What was the schedule of Asian Games 2018 ?

Ans - From 18th of August 2018 to 2nd of Sept.

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Q. How many nations participated in this big sporting event of Asian continent ?

Ans - Forty Five

Q. How many athletes took part in the games ?

Ans - 11,646

Q. How many sports event were there ?

Ans - 465 Events and 40 sports

Q. Which country gave the best performance ?

Ans - China with medal tally 132 gold, 92 silver, 65 bronze, Total - 289

Q. What was the performance of India in this game ?

Answer - Gold - 15, Silver - 30, Bronze - 30. Total - 69 best ever tally in these games.

Q. How many medals had the country won in the last Asian Games ?

Ans - 66

Asian Games Facts 2018

Q. Where will the 19th Edition of Asian game take place ?

Ans - Hangzhou ( China ) from 10th of Sept 2022 to 25th of Sept 2022.

Note - This event occurs once in four times.

Q. which city had host 14th Edition's ?

Ans - Incheon

Q. From where did the Torch rally begin for this 18th Edition of the game ?

Answer - Major Dhayan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi on 15th of July 2018.

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Q. What was the athletes' oath ?

Answer - Arki Dikania Wisnu

Q. What was the oath of the judges ?

Ans - Wahyana

Q. What were the mascots of 2018 Asian Games ?

Answer - Bhin Bhin, Kaka, and Atung

Q. Which countries were at the 2nd and 3rd places in the tournament ?

Answer - North Korea and South Korea under the flag of Korea

Q. Which state topped in winning medals in 218 ?

Answer - Haryana

Q. When did the Asian Games start for the first time ?

Ans - in 1951

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