CBSE to make 10th Board Exam Compulsory from 2017-18

CBSE is all set to make 10th Class Board Exams mandatory from 2018 for its lacs of students across the country. So far the students have two options -they can opt either for Board Exams or Home Exams. CBSE’s governing body approved the proposal unanimously in the 21st Dec 2016 meeting.

Now the decision will go to the govt for the final approval. As per this decision, all the students under CBSE will have to undergo the compulsory board exam from 2018.

In the board exam, now the board shall give 80 % weightage to the marks scored in the exams whereas 20% to the school-based evaluation. Besides, CBSE will recommend that 3-Language formula, under which students will have the chance to learn Hindi, English and a modern Indian Language be extended to 9th and 10th classes. So far this formula exists from 6th to 8th classes.

The reasons behind making 10th board compulsory by CBSE – For and Against

The main motive may be to create seriousness among the students about their studies. Most of the educationists believe that students are becoming more and more careless in their studies. They are carefree as in home exams they get marks without much effort.

As a result, the standard of education is declining. Therefore, some of the boards which don’t have board in 10th class are contemplating to make it compulsory for their students. Board exams also create the feeling of competition among the students.

On the other hand, there are others who think that board exams put unnecessary pressure on the students. As a result, they lose interest in studies and become the victim of nervous breakdowns which lead to extreme steps by them. Such exams also create marks-oriented competition and mar the real essence of teaching and learning, they think. This also encourages cramming among them.

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