Haryana Board 11th English Grammar Paper 2nd March 2023

Haryana Board ( HBSE /BSEH ) 11th English Grammar Solved Paper that took place on 2nd March 2023 in all the schools ( Govt/ Private ) in Haryana – Useful links for your upcoming exams

Section B ( Grammar Portion )

Use of Verbs

a. I ————- ( see ) this picture several times.

Answer – have seen

b. He—————- ( receive ) your message yesterday.

Answer – received

c. If you run fast, you ———– ( win ) the race.

Answer – will win

Use of determiners –

a. ————– ( A/ An/The ) best essay will get a prize.

Answer – The

b. I have invited ————— ( some / any ) friends to the party.

Answer – some

c. —————( A little / Little / The little ) knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Answer – A little

Use of modal :-

a. ————— that I were a bird !

Answer – would

b. He ran fast so that he ————– catch the bus.

Answer – might

c. We ————— practice virtue.

Answer – should

Use of Active and Passive voice :-

a. Whom do you want ?

Answer – Who is wanted by you ?

b. Kindly show me your watch.

Answer – You are requested to show me your watch.

c. His behaviour surprised me.

Answer – I am surprised at his behaviour.

Change of sentences into nouns :-

a. I said something. I am sorry for it.

Answer – I am sorry for what I had said.

b. I was wrong. The teacher told me this.

Answer :- The teacher told me that I was wrong.

c. He will improve. This is our hope.

Answer :- Our hope is that he will improve.

Use of parts of speech :-

a. He came just when the guests were about to leave.

Answer – adverb

b. They are intelligent enough to answer it.

Answer – adjective

c. Hurray ! We have won the match.

Answer – Interjection

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