Haryana Board 8th English Grammar Paper on 23rd Feb. 2023

HBSE ( BSEH ) Haryana Board 8th class English paper that had taken place on 23rd Feb 2023 – English Grammar Portion with Solution – Useful links for the students

This 8th class English paper had occurred in S. D. Kanya Mahavidyalya Narwana on 23rd Feb 2023. It was the paper of 70 marks and timing was 2:30 hrs. We hope this solution of Grammar may help you.

English Grammar with Answer/ Solution –

Use of Verbs

a. He always ————-( speak ) the truth.

Answer – speaks

b. I ————– ( go ) to school yesterday.

Answer – went

c. It ————- ( rain ) since morning.

Answer – has been raining

d. He —————– ( do ) his work at present moment.

Answer – is doing

Use of articles

a. He is ————- one eyed man.

Answer – a

b. You are ————- unlucky student.

Answer – an

c. ———— dog is a faithful animal.

Answer – The

d.———— more you earn the more you spend.

Answer – The

Use of modals

a. You —————-obey your teachers.

Answer – should

b. ————- God bless you !

Answer – May

c. He ————- lift this box.

Answer – can

Use of active and passive voice

a. He wrote a letter.

Answer – A letter was written by him.

b. The peon is ringing the bell.

Answer – The bell is being rung by the peon.

c. Post this letter.

Answer – Let this letter be posted. or

You are asked/told to post this letter.

Use of direct and indirect speech ( narration ) –

a. The teacher said to the students ,” Sit down. ”

Answer – The teacher ordered/ asked/ told the students to sit down.

b. He said to me ,” You are my friend .”

Answer –  He told me that I was his friend.

c. He will say ,” I am ill. ”

Answer – He will say that he is ill.

If you find any error in our solution, we request you to apprise us of that error. Our team wishes the students of 8th class good luck for their future.

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