JEE Main Syllabus – Pattern, Date, Question Paper

Download JEE Main 2022-2023-2024 Pattern, Question Papers, Exam Dates and Syllabus from below –

There is the official announcement for Joint Entrance Examination Main ( JEE Main ). The one of the largest Entrance Tests shall take place in April . The test would be conducted by CBSE. The syllabus and Exam Pattern for JEE Main has been prepared and uploaded by the Central Board.

Update December 2022 –

JEE Main Session 1 entrance test may take place on 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st January 2023. The reserved dates are 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February 2023. In April JEE Main session 2 entrance exams may take place on 6th, 8th,10th, 11th and 12th of April 2023. Reserved dates are 13th and 15th of April 2023. For more details you must click here.

New Information regarding JEE Main 2023 –
NTA may start the registration for JEE Main 2023 in November.  You can read about complete information regarding registration at the official website.

NTA जेई मेन 2023 का रजिस्ट्रेशन नवंबर २०२२ में कर सकता है। अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट पे जा सकते हैं।

Official website

Update August 2022 –

NTA may conduct JEE Advance 2022 on 28th of August 2022. The whole information will be available at the official website.

Update March 2022 –

JEE-Main phase I exam may take place from April 16th to April 21st 2022 whereas phase II exam may take place from 24th May to 29th May 2022. This information was shared by National Testing Agency ( NTA ).

News Breaking June 2021 –

The Test will take place on 17th July 2021 and the result will be out on 14th August 2021. For preparation students must see JEE syllabus and exam pattern. New *

Update April 2021 –

NTA has postponed JEE Main 2021 to take place from 27th April to 30th April owing to increase in Corona infections. The new exam date will be out 15 days before the exam. We shall update this page with the new exam date of 2021 very soon.

The Syllabus is prepared from the contents up to Sen Secondary as the eligibility for applying JEE Main is 12th Class. There shall be two papers – Paper 1 for BE / B.Tech and Paper II for B.Arch / B.Planning. The target dates are – from 6th April 2019 to 20th April 2019

Now Check the JEE Main 2022-2023-2024 Syllabus and Exam Pattern from below –

With the help of experts we have published some of topics from 10+1 and 10+2 Classes. Have a look at that –

Syllabus for JEE Mains 2023-2024

JEE Main Syllabus from 10+1 Math

  1. Compound Angles
  2. Sequence and Progression
  3. Logarithms and Related Expressions
  4. Solution of Triangle
  5. Trigonometric Functions, Equations and In-equations
  6. Circles
  7. Binomial Theorems
  8. Straight Line and Pair of Lines
  9. Permutations and Combinations
  10. Sets, Relations and Functions
  11. Mathematical Induction and Reasoning

JEE Main 2023-2024 Syllabus from 10+2 Math –

  1. Definite Integral
  2. Indefinite Integral
  3. Method of Differentiation
  4. Vectors
  5. Probability
  6. Three Dimensional Geometry
  7. Area Under Curve
  8. Complex Number
  9. Application of Derivatives
  10. Determinant and Matrices
  11. Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola

10+1 Physics Syllabus for JEE Main 2023 -2024

  1. Kinematics
  2. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  3. Unit, Dimension and Measurement
  4. Work, Power and Energy
  5. Circular Motion
  6. Rotational Dynamics
  7. Centre of Mass and Inertia
  8. Momentum and Collision
  9. Elasticity. Calorimetry, Thermal Expansion
  10. Simple Harmonic Motion
  11. KTG and Thermodynamics
  12. Fluid Mechanics
  13. Mechanical Waves

10+2 Physics Syllabus for JEE 2022-2023-2024 Main

  1. Gravitation
  2. Current Electricity
  3. Wave Optics
  4. Geometrical Optics
  5. Electromagnetic Induction and AC
  6. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
  7. Electronic Devices
  8. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
  9. Communication System
  10. Errors in Measurement and Instruments

JEE Main Syllabus from 10+1 Chemistry

  1. Mole Concept
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Periodic Table and Properties
  4. Gaseous State
  5. Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
  6. Isomerism
  7. Redox and Equivalent Concept
  8. Chemical Kinetics
  9. Nuclear Chemistry ( Radioactive )

Syllabus for Joint Entrance Exam from 10+2 –

  1. Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  2. Co-ordinate Compounds
  3. Alcohol and Ether
  4. Phenol
  5. Solid State
  6. Metallurgy
  7. Qualitative Analysis
  8. Polymers
  9. Amines
  10. Thermodynamics and Thermo-chemistry
  11. S,P,S,D and R Block Elements
  12. Carbonyl Compounds
  13. Practical Organic Chemistry
  14. Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives

Official Website Link for more details about JEE Main Syllabus for 2023-2024 Exams. We shall intimate you with the new exam date of 2023 see above.

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