HTET Question Paper as per Revised Syllabus – Check Sample Paper

Now the aspirants shall take HTET with the revised / changed Syllabus and Pattern. The Education Board has introduced some elements such as General Studies ( GK/ Haryana GK), Reasoning, Numerical Ability. Besides, the board has curtailed questions for Hindi and English portion. Therefore, this change has led to radical changes in the preparation mode of the candidates.

The test for 2017 may take place in November.

Examweb team has prepared this Question / Sample Paper to provide you some idea regarding this new syllabus and pattern. We are just preparing this paper from the General Portion. As for the specific portion, HBSE hasn’t made many changes. That shall be the same as previous.

HTET Question Paper with Answer key –

Q. 1 What is the constituency of Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma ?

Answer – Mahendragarh

Q. 2. Which city does Juhi Chawla, a famous film actress belong to ?

Answer – Ambala

Q. 3. Famous Chamunda Temple is located in ….

Answer – Rewari

Q. 4. Central Soil Salinity Research Institute ( CSSRI) located in …

Answer – Karnal

Complete the following series ( Q. 5 and Q. 6)

Q. 5. 1, 2, 5, 10, 17, …..

Answer – 19

Mock Test for HTET with New Syllabus/ Pattern

Q. 6. 0, 3, 15, 35, 63, 99, ?

Answer – 143

Q. 7. Indicating towards a picture, Dinesh said, ” His father is my mother’s only son.” Whose picture is that ?

Answer – Of Dinesh

Q. 8. If in some code POLISH is written as MLIFPE, how to write DIG in the same code ?

Answer – AFD

Q. 9. A candidate needs 33% marks to get pass marks in an exam. If he gets 210 marks and gets failed by 21 marks, what are the total marks of the exam ?

Answer – 700

Hint – Assume total marks as x

Q. 10. A 150 m long train takes 20 seconds to cross 450 m long platform. What is the speed of the train ?

Answer – 30 m/ s

Hint – Speed – Distance/ Time ( Distance – 150+ 450)

Q. 11. Name the India’s first ever IAF Marshal who died of cardiac arrest recently ?

Answer – Arjan Singh

Q. 12. Who has written the book ” Asian Drama” ?

Answer – Gunnar Myrdal

Q. 13. Fill in the blank with appropriate preposition

He died ………..over-eating.

Answer – From

Q. 14. Change the voice of the following sentence –

What interests him a lot ?

In what is he interested a lot ?

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Best of luck for your TET.

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