Haryana Roadways Conductor Answer Key 2017 -Morning Evening Solution

HSSC has once again conducted successfully the Screening Test on 10th of Sept 2017. This time for Conductor Posts. There were two phases of exam – Morning / Evening. The Next exam shall take place on 17th of Sept 2017. Unofficial Answer key/ Solution is ahead.

About 10th Sept Exam –

The conductor screening test contained total 100 questions. The candidates had to answer them in only 90 minutes. There were four sets namely A, B, C and D. Now without wasting any moment we are providing you the solution/ answer key of this test.

This article shall carry Questions of Morning Session Exam. As for the evening session, we shall publish it soon.

17th Sept 2017 Evening Shift HSSC Conductor Answer Key

Haryana Roadways Conductor English Portion Answer Key –

Q. Fill the Correct Preposition

Answer – Complains of headache

Q. Antonym of Foe –

Answer – It is Enemy

Q. Toronto located on

Answer – the Lake Ontario

Q. One Word Substitution –

Answer – Supporter for the cause of women/ female – Feminist

Q. San Diego is located near the Mexican Border?

Q. Meaning of At Arm’s Length

Answer – It means very near

Q. What is the meaning of At Daggers Drawn ?

Answer – It means having enmity

Answer –  Exonerated from all charges

Q. One word for – A disease or accident that ends in death

Answer – Fatal

HSSC Conductor Haryana GK Portion Solution Key

Q. Second battle of Panipat between Hemu and Akbar—

Answer – 5/11/1556

Q. Which sport does Geeta Phogat belong to ?

Answer – Wrestling

Q. Name the District of Haryana with lowest literacy rate –

Answer – Mewat Fifty Six point One Percentage

Q. Name the district where Mango Fair is held in Haryana –

Answer – Pinjore

Q. District where Manganese Metal in Haryana found –

Answer – Mahendragarh

Q. Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre in Haryana …

Answer – Jatayu Conservation and Breeding Centre Pinjore

Q. First state Poet of Haryana ….

Answer – Udaybhanu Hans ( Hindi Poet ) in 1966

Q. How many members/ representative does Haryana send to the Lok Sabha ?

Answer – Ten

Q. Who had composed the Haryanvi Ramayan ?

Answer – Khudabaksh Ahmed

Q. Markanda river originates from …

Answer – Shivalik Hills

Q. Chhadi Dance … occasion ..

Answer – Gugga Navmi especially done by men

Q. First Speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha ?

Answer – Smt Shanno Devi ( 06/12/1966 to 17/03/1967 ). She was also the first Deputy Speaker

Q. Who was Khwaja Altaf Hussain Hali ?

Answer – Urdu Poet and Writer ( 1837 to 1914) Born and Died in Panipat

Q. Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary located in ….

Answer – Jhajjar

Conductor Exam Hindi Portion Key –

Q. प्रतिदिन –  समास

Answer – अव्ययीभाव

Q. जैसे ही सूर्योदय हुआ वैसे ही कुहासा जाता रहा ……

Answer – संयुक्त वाक्य

Q. युद्ध में स्थिर

Answer – युधिष्टर

Q. अप उपसर्ग

Answer – अपहरण

Q. सदा एक समान रहना

Answer – सावन हरे न भादों सूखे

Q. वयोवृद्ध

Answer – वय: + वृद्ध

Q. कई रेलवे के कर्मचारियों की गिरफ़्तारी हुई । अशुद्ध  विकल्प ।

Answer – कई रेलवे के

General Knowledge Portion Solution Key –

Q. New Executive Director of the World Bank to represent India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka ..

Answer – S Aparna

Q. The Position of an element in the Periodic Table is determined by ….

Answer – Electron

Q. State of India that produces 90 % of the rubber in India ….

Answer – Kerala

Q. Name the Patron saint of Goa …

Answer – St Francis Xavier

Q. What is the Principal Constituent of the atmosphere of the earth ?

Answer – Nitrogen ( 78.09%)

Q. Imaginary lines parallel to the equator ……

Answer – Latitudes

To be continued ……

We shall update the post with more Conductor Exam Answer Key / Solution.

If you have any question/ query, you can put that down in the comment box below. If you find any mistake/ error in the above solution, we request you to let us know.

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