M.Sc After B.Tech – Is it Possible ?

Can I do M.Sc ( Physicists/ Chemistry/ Math ) after doing B.Tech. If possible please tell me – A big Thanks

We have satiated your queries in question and answer mode.

Answer – Yes, A candidate can pursue M.Sc after doing M.Tech. But here is a big surprise why a candidate wants to pursue. But it looks strange. Why do you want to waste your 4 years or very precious degree of B.Tech. In my opinion M.Tech is far better. However, circumstances force you to do M.Sc, you can.

How to do M.Sc after B.Tech ?

First of all you will have to crack an entrance test named JAM ( Joint Entrance Test for M.Sc. ). If you qualify this exam, you can get admission to various prestious colleges under this test such as in the colleges provided under most IISs, IIts, and some CFTIs.

More information you can get from the JAM Entrance book.

Can I do M.Sc after B.Tech ?- Please Inform

Biggest Eligibility-

Candidates must have Math as a compulsory subject from a recognized university/institution they must possess 50% marks in the math in B.E/B.Tech degree.

Point to remember-

Candidates can go for M.Sc (Physics/Chemistry/Math) after B.Tech on in regular mode. There is no correspondent/distant M.Sc anywhere in India. If there is, there is no say of such M.Sc degree in getting govt. job.

We have the limited information regarding this topic, if you can enlighten us for the benefit of other candidates/readers, you are welcome. Correct us if we are wrong at any point. Thanks.

Point that surprises me the most-

People wish to do M.Tech after B.Sc but you are quite opposite, love to do M.Sc after B.Tech.

Note-  In private institutions, B.Tech and M.Sc are equally preferable, And in some areas such as coaching centres, B.Tech is more valuable.

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We wish you the best for pursuing your M.Sc.

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