No Semester System In Haryana Schools from 2016

Haryana Govt today took a very important decision of doing away with Semester System in  from the Haryana Schools’ Board and Non- board Classes from 2016. The semester system in the non-board classes will go from this session automatically. So there will be no semester in the board classes next year.

But the students of the board classes 10th and 12th will have to undergo once more through this system as they have studied under semester system in the non-board classes in 9th and 11th.  This information came through the Press Release from the Haryana Govt.

The decision to this effect was taken after the approval from CM Manohar Lal Khattar. The Education Minister Mr Ram Bilas Sharma said that monthly tests would replace the semester system. He informed that monthly tests would take place for classes from I to VIII. The teachers would have to submit the reports of the performance to the Department.

Scraping of Semester System in Haryana Schools

The Press Note also revealed that the decision was taken after meetings with the representatives for various Teachers’ unions and intellectuals on 24th of April. There was the same unanimous opinion of all the people regarding the scrapping of the Semester System.

Then on 8th of May the decision was taken by the Education Board. The system got the outdoor as it was time and energy consuming. Due to the semester system the teachers remained busy only in the Exam duties and evaluation work. Consequently they were not available to teach the non-board classes.

The semester-system had become bane for the education system in Haryana. Due to this system the focus of the teachers and the taught was only on the examination by completing and cramming the syllabus and producing good results anyhow. All the other activity necessary for the over-all development of the children were sidelined.

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