Objective Type Questions from Packing for 9th Class

Very short questions or objective type questions with answers from Packing by Jerome K. Jerome - Totally based on NCERT pattern - For the students of 9th class ( Beehive )


Read the questions from Packing with solution below.

Q. Who is the writer of Packing ?

Answer - Jerome K. Jerome

Q. From where has this story taken ?

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Answer - Three Men in a Boat

Q. Who is I in the story ?

Answer - Writer

Q. What is the name of the dog in the story ?

Answer - Montmorency

Q. How many characters are there in the story ?

Answer - Four ( three men and the dog )

Q. What is the narrator's name in the story ?

Answer - Jerome

Q. What is the meaning of uncanny ?

Answer - Weird ( strange )

Q. When was their packing done ?

Answer - At 12:50

Q. What had Jerome forgotten to pack ?

Answer - His boots

Q. What did George do ?

Answer - He trod on the butter

Q. What is the thing that haunts the writer ?

Answer - His toothbrush

Q. What is the meaning of haunts ?

Answer - Keeps disturbing

Q. Who were George and Harris ?

Answer - The writer's friends

Q. What is the meaning of hamper ?

Answer - Large basket

Q. What is the horrible idea for the narrator ?

Answer - whether he had packed his tooth-brush

Q. What is the meaning of laboured ?

Answer - Worked hard

Q. When did they finally close the bag ?

Answer - At 10:50 pm

Q. How does the writer feel when George was laughing ?

Answer - The writer feels very angry

Q. What is the meaning of tread ?

Answer - To put foot down when one is walking

Q. Where does the writer go when the packing is off ?

Answer - Railway station

For such very short questions or objective type questions with answers from the story Packing, we welcome you on this our page. These questions are very good for 9th class students. Best wishes for your exam.

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