Objective Type Questions from A Truly Beautiful Mind

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from A Truly Beautiful Mind by Albert Einstein – Based on NCERT pattern for 9th students – Beehive

A Truly Beautiful Mind

Q. Who had written A Truly Beautiful Mind ?

Answer – Albert Einstein

Q. When was Albert born ?

Answer – 14th March 1879

Q. Where was he born ?

Answer – Ulm

Q. What did the friends call Albert ?

Answer – Brother Boring

Q. Which musical instrument does he play ?

Answer – Violin

Q. At what age does Albert learn to play violin ?

Answer – Six

Q. What toys does Albert love ?

Answer – Mechanical toys

Q. When did he leave his school ?

Answer – When he was 15 years old

Q. Who was Mileva ?

Answer – Albert’s fellow student

Q. Which country does Mileva belong to ?

Answer – Serbia

Q. When did Albert get a job in a patent office ?

Answer -In 1902

Q. To whom does he write a letter ?

Answer – Franklin Roosevelt ( the President of the USA )

Q. Where did the USA drop the atom bombs ?

Answer – Hiroshima and Nagasaki ( Japan )

Q. What did Albert call his desk drawer at the patent office ?

Answer – Bureau of theoretical physics

Q. In which subject does Albert get the Nobel Prize ?

Answer – Physics

Q. When did he win the Nobel Prize ?

Answer – In 1921

Q. What were his favourite subjects ?

Answer – Mathematics and physics

Q.What is the name of Albert’s younger sister ?

Answer – Maja

Q. What did Albert publish in 1915 ?

Answer – General Theory of Relativity

Q. When did Albert Einstein die ?

Answer – In 1955 at the age of 76

Q. How was Albert celebrated after his death ?

Answer – A world citizen

Q. When did he marry and divorce with Mileva ?

Answer – He married in 1903 and took divorce in 1919

Q. Whom did he marry 2nd time ?

Answer – With his cousin Elsa

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