Objective Type Questions From ‘ The Sound Of Music ‘

We are providing you Objective Type/ Very Short Type Questions from the lesson ‘ The Sound of Music ‘ – By Deborah Cowley – Totally Based on NCERT Pattern – Important for 9th class English students

Below are the questions which are followed by answers.

The Sound of Music

Q. Who is the writer of the story ” The Sound of Music ” ?

Answer- Deborah Cowley

Q. What is the name of the First part of The Sound of Music ?

Answer- Evelyn Glennie Listens to the sound without Hearing it.

Q. What is the narrator of the first of the chapter  ?

Answer- Evelyn Glennie

Q. Which country does Evelyn belong to ?

Answer- Scotland

Q. What was she fond of ?

Answer- Music

Q. When did she became deaf ?

Answer- When she was eleven

Q. At what age, did she decide to make music her life ?

Answer– 16

Q. When did she get the Royal Philharmonic Society’s prestigious Soloistic  of the year award ?

Answer- In 1971

Q. Which Country did Evelyn tour with a youth Orchestra ?

Answer- United Kingdom

Q. What is the meaning of inspiration ?

Answer – Courage

Q. How did Ron Forbes ask her to hear music ?

Answer – Through her ears.

Q. Whom did Evelyn give a big inspiration to ?

Answer – Handicapped children

Q. Who was Ron Forbes ?

Answer – Music instructor in Evelyn’s school

Q. In which subject did she score best in the Royal Academy of Music ?

Answer – History

Q. What is the name of the 2nd part ?

Answer – The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan

Q. Who had banned the playing of musical instrument in his royal residence ?

Answer – Aurangzeb

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