Objective Type Questions from Evans Tries an O-Level

Prepare very short or objective type questions with answers from Evans Tries an O- Level – Based on NCERT pattern – very helpful for 10+2 Board students – Book Vistas

Evans Tries an O-Level

Q. Who is the writer of the play ” Evans Tries an O – Level ” ?

Answer – Colin Dexter

Q. Who is the narrator of the play ?

Answer – Evans

Q. Which language does Evans want to learn ?

Answer – German

Q. Where does the parson come from ?

Answer – St. Mary Mags

Q. What is the popular name of Evans in the prison ?

Answer – Evans the Break

Q. What is the name of the parson ?

Answer – McLeery

Q. Which news paper was the parson reading ?

Answer – The Church Times

Q. Who is the senior officer of D Wing ?

Answer – Jackson

Q. Who is the 2nd officer of D Wing ?

Answer – Stephens

Q. What is the name of the paper ?

Answer – 021-1

Q. What is the index no. ?

Answer – 313

Q. What is the centre no. ?

Answer – 271

Q. What is the duration of the exam ?

Answer – Two Hours

Q. When was the exam to start ?

Answer – At 09:15 a.m.

Q. What was McLeery carrying ?

Answer – A small brown suitcase

Q. What things was the suitcase containing ?

Answer – Question paper, a yellow invigilation form, a special authentication card from the Examination Board, a paper knife, a copy of the Bible, a current copy of The Church Times

Q. What is Evans’ lucky charm ?

Answer – Woolen hat

Q. What is the name of the hotel ?

Answer – Golden Lion

Q. Which disease was the parson suffering from ?

Answer – Haemorrhoids

Q. Who is the Detective Superintendent ?

Answer – Carter

Q. Which animal’s blood was there in the rubber tube ?

Answer – Swine ( Pig )

For more such very short questions and answers keep coming here. If you want us to add more, we shall do it. These questions are very important for 12th class. Thanks for your coming.

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