Objective Type Questions from The Enemy

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from The Enemy – Written by Pearl S. Buck – Based On NCERT pattern – For HBSE / CBSE and other boards 12th Students

The Enemy

Q. Who has written the story The Enemy ?

Answer – Pearl S. Buck

Q. Who is the central character of the story ?

Answer – Doctor Sadao

Q. Which country does Dr. Sadao belong to ?

Answer – Japan

Q. What is the name of his wife ?

Answer – Hana

Q. Where had Sadao met Hana ?

Answer – In the USA at a professor’s house

Q. Where was Dr. Sadao’s house ?

Answer – Japanese coast

Q. What did Dr. Sadao and his wife see one day ?

Answer – An American soldier

Q. What is the name of Japanese General ?

Answer – Takima

Q. How many servants does Dr. Sadao have at his house ?

Answer – Two

Q. How many children does he have ?

Answer – Two

Q. Who was American soldier ?

Answer – prisoner of war

Q. What was the name of the maid ?

Answer – Yumi

Q. What was written on the white soldier’s cap ?

Answer – U. S. Navy

Q. Who had said these words ,” The kindest thing would be to put him back into the sea. ” ?

Answer – Hana

Q. Where was the red scars on the American soldier ?

Answer – On his neck

Q. When was the story The Enemy set ?

Answer – During the Second World War ( 1939- 1945 )

Q. What is the name of American soldier ?

Answer – Tom

Q. Who had said these words ,” If all the Japanese were like you, there wouldn’t have been a war.” ?

Answer – Tom

Q. Who did the operation of American soldier ?

Answer – Dr. Sadao

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