Objective Type Questions from The Little Girl

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from the story The Little Girl by Katherine Mansfield- Based on NCERT pattern – Useful links and useful for 9th students of all non – boards of all the states

The Little Girl

Write down questions from The Little Girl with answers underneath. We have provided some useful links as well for the beneficial of the students. The students may use these links to enlighten their knowledge.

Q. Who has penned down the story The Little Girl  ?

Answer – Katherine Mansfield

Q. What is the name of the little girl ?

Answer – Kezia

Q. Who is afraid the girl of ?

Answer – Father

Q. What does the girl always find her mother and father doing ?

Answer – Mother reading and father stretching out on the sofa

Q. Whose birthday was there the next week ?

Answer – Father’s

Q. What is the meaning of nightmare ?

Answer – A bad dream

Q. Which game was the Macdonalds playing ?

Answer – Tag

Q. What was lost that night ?

Answer – Father’s great speech for the Port Authority

Q. What gift did Kezia make which she wanted to give her father as a birthday present ?

Answer – Pin-cushion

Q. With which instrument did the father punish his daughter ?

Answer – With a ruler

Q.Who had said the following words, ” What did God make fathers for ?” ?

Answer- Kezia

Q. What was the old nightmare ?

Answer – The butcher with a knife and a rope, who came nearer and nearer

Q. Whom did the girl call for the help when there was the nightmare ?

Answer – Grandmother

For such very short questions or objective type questions with their solution/ answers from The Little Girl keep coming on this page. These questions are very important for 9th class students. We shall write some more questions here if you wish or suggest us to add or change more questions. These questions can also appear in the form of Multiple Choice Questions.

Best wishes for your test in near future.

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