Very Short Questions from On The Face Of It by Susan Hill

Prepare objective type questions or very short questions with answers from On the Face of It – By Susan Hill – Based on NCERT pattern – Book Vistas – Get important links in the post

On the Face of ItWe are providing you the questions with answers below.

Q. Who has written the story On the Face of It ?

Answer – Susan Hill

Q. Who is the owner of orchid of apples ?

Answer – Mr. Lamb

Q. Who has got the burnt face ?

Answer – Derry

Q. Who has got the tin leg ?

Answer – Mr. Lamb

Q. Where had Mr. Lamb blown off his leg ?

Answer – In the war

Q. What do the children call Mr. Lamb ?

Answer – Lamey- Lamb

Q. How does Derry get his burnt face ?

Answer – Through acid

Q. What is the age of Derry ?

Answer – Fourteen Years old

Q. Who dies at the end of the story ?

Answer – Mr. Lamb

Q. Do Derry and Mr. Lamb become friends later ?

Answer – Yes

Q. To whom does Derry go to tell what he has decided ?

Answer – Mother

Q. How does Mr. Lamb die ?

Answer – Falling from the ladders while plucking apples

Q. Who sings, according to Mr. Lamb ?

Answer – Bees

Q. What does Mr. Lamb do to kill his time ?

Answer – Sit in the sun. Read books.

Q. What story does Mr. Lamb tell Derry to show the effect of love ?

Answer – Beauty and the Beast

Q. What do people do with Derry ?

Answer – They hate him

Q. What is the meaning of Lamey- Lamb ?

Answer – Lame Lamb

Q. What is the meaning of Maybe ?

Answer – Perhaps

For such short questions or objective type questions with their solution keep coming on this blog. These questions are very useful for 12th class students. We shall add some more questions here if you want or suggest. These questions can also appear in the form of MCQs.

Best wishes for your exam.

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